Kimberley Fey

Kimberly Fey is a very talented and popular celebrity in the film industry. She is also known for her marital relationship with Donnie Wahlberg.

Kimberly Fey was born in the year 1970 in Virginia. She was born to her Canadian parents. She was the youngest daughter of her parents and was the youngest daughter of her parents and have an elder sister. She was four years younger to her sister. From her very childhood, she used to receive several praises for her incredible beauty. She was also very popular in her hometown and among her friends, due to her immense beauty.

She was not in good terms with her elder sister from her initial teenage days. Her sister could not stand the praises she used to receive from the people and had developed a disliking towards her. She also had a very friendly and communicative nature due to which everybody adored her. She also had a number of friends in her school and the teachers also loved her for her behaviour. Besides, her academic performance was very impressive during her high school days.

She developed an interest towards acting when she was just fourteen years old. She participated in a cultural drama of her school where she played the role of a princess. She played the lead role in the drama and impressed everyone with her acting talents. When she received so much praises for her acting, she developed an interest towards acting. She started doing theatres from a young age. She joined the theatre group of her school and started taking acting lessons from the trainer. She participated in several dramas after that and achieved a lot of popularity from that. When she completed her graduation, she wanted to pursue her further career with acting.

When she was pursuing her acting career, she got into a relationship with Donnie Wahlberg. He is also a very renowned personality and both of them met when they were working together. She was doing well in her career before that but after getting into the relationship, she came in the limelight of the media. Her initial relationship with Donnie fetched her, a lot of popularity and they were also counted among the most controversial couple of the industry. Both of them have also worked together in many of the popular projects.

The couple dated each other for many years and after that they decided to tie the sacred knot of marriage in the year 1999. The couple was immensely in love with each other but after a few of their marriage, the scenario changed completely. Just after they welcomed their first child, the differences between them started increasing. Fey’s professional career was also badly affected by this as her husband did not want to allow her for taking up much work. After their second son was born, the couple got separated and decided to take a divorce. She has said in an interview that her husband was over possessive, when it came to their relationship and it affected her badly.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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