Big Show is renowned wrestler. Though his real name is Paul Donald Wight II, he is best known by his ring name. Now, he plays for WWE. He is also known as The Giant by the World Championship Wrestling.

Big Show was born in the year 1972 on February 8. He grew up in South Carolina in the United States. He belonged from a lower middle class family so it was very hard for him to carry on a good livelihood. He had no siblings and his parents worked very hard to meet the daily needs of the family. When he was in his high school, he used to do many part time jobs to meet his educational requirements.

He was involved in jobs like bounty hunting, call centre agent and was also involved in bouncing. He also used to work as a karaoke operator which he got through one of his friend. His friend also fetched him an opportunity to work in a radio show where he met Hulk Hogan. He was a sports enthusiast but he never had enough fund to carry on his passion. He developed an inspiration towards wrestling when he hosted the radio show.

His first wrestling match was at the Rosemont Horizon which was hosted by World Championship Wrestling. It was Hogan who gave him this opportunity to show his talent in the ring. His performance in the ring was so impressive that he was directly recommended to the vice-president of the World Championship Wrestling. But as he had no previous working experience, he had to face a lot of hurdles.

In the year 1995, he made his first wrestling debut in WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He adapted his ring name The Giant and was in the group of Kevin Sullivan. He made his professional debut with WCW at the Halloween Havoc. He defeated Hulk Hogan in this championship. He achieved the title and earned a lot of popularity. However, in the next round, both he and Hogan got eliminated and Randy Savage won the championship trophy. Next, he appeared as a team in the Clash of the Championships XXXII with Ric Flair to eliminate Savage and Hogan. In the next match, he defeated Flair and secured his place in World Heavyweight Championship.

In the year 1996, he appeared against Hogan when he joined the New World Order. As he devoted himself more into this championship, he was fired from the New World Order. However, nothing affected him and he finally won the WCW World Tag Team Championship. In the year 1998, when he appeared in the ring with Nash, he came across a major injury in his neck.

In the year 1999, he entered into a contract with World Wrestling Federation for ten years. He won the championship making Austin fall outside the ring. He was first married to Melissa Plavis in the year 1997. The couple got divorced in the year 2002 and he entered into a marital relationship with Bess Katramados in the year 2002. The couple also have three children from each other.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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