Russell Hantz is a well-known personality who is especially known for the last appearance in the television show Survivor and is also an owner of an oil company.

Personal life

Russell Hantz was born in the year 1972 on October 10 in Dayton, Texas which is situated in United States. There are very less information available with us regarding his childhood days and education because he does not like to share his personal life with the media. It is predicted that his early childhood years were not lavish which brought the immense mental strength in him to struggle. Whatever he is today, it is only because of his struggle and hard work that brought him so far in his life. He is the owner of an oil company in Texas only and is a great business merchant. But he was first introduced to the world as a contestant on the television show Saviour - South Pacific and also in Saviour - Caramoan. Even after such popularity, he does not want to reach the media and is happy in his personal life.

He lives in residential place which is in Texas only with his wife Melanie and four children. He is a family person and as well as a professional. He never splits his focus and concentrates particularly. Probably this is the reason of his outreaching success in both personal and professional life. It is only due to his hard working spirit that he is now the owner of an oil outlet and a bar in Lafayette, Louisiana which he carries on with his father and brother. As a popular business tycoon, he has earned a lot till now in his life and accounts a net worth of about $2 million. He is a living legend and sets an example for the individuals who need to struggle for achieving the desired success in life.


We have come to know about the famous personality Russell Hantz through the television series of the television show Saviour and many other frequent television appearances. He took part in various Survivor seasons like Survivor : Samoa where he occupied the position of a runner up, in Survivor : Heroes vs Villains where he became the second runner up and at last, completed his participation through the Survivor : Redemption Island where he was eliminated in the second position.

Even when he was eliminated, he was considered as the best ever Survivor contestant by his great number of followers. He gave his best in all the three participation seasons and thus, had no regrets of losing it, as said by him in an interview session. He was also considered as the most versatile contestant to compete with by his competitors, throughout the season. Though he was criticized at times by the mass media groups, nothing affected his fame and glory. He was counted as the Sprint Player of the Season and was also awarded with a cash prize worth $100,000 along with the contestants Richard Hatch, Parvati Shallow and many other famous personalities.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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