Rachel Nichols was born on 8 January 1980. She was born in Maine, in United States of America. She is also known as Rachel Emily Nichols. Her father’s name is Jim Nichols and her mother’s name is Alison Nichols. Her father worked as a school teacher. Rachel completed her schooling from Cony High School and she also revealed that she used to take part in High Jump and she also took Dance classes.

Rachel wanted to be a financial analyst and she wanted to work at the financial hub ‘Wall Street’. To peruse her dreams, she joined Columbia University in 1998. She completed her education in 2003 and received her degree in maths and economics. While she was studying at the university, she got a modelling assignment in Paris. She took up the assignment and later she got a lot of modelling assignment which eventually helped her in funding her education. During her university days, she did various campaigns for esteemed brands like L’Oréal and Guess. She also hosted a couple of shows for MTV.

Actress Rachel Nichols is often confused with ESPN’s sports journalist Rachel Nichols who is married to Max Nichols. The sports journalist previously worked with CNN. Rachel has worked in a lot of popular shows. One of the most popular show she worked for was the fourth season of ‘The Sex and the City’. This was way back in 2002. She also acted in ‘Debating Robert Lee’ in 2004 and she was also the part of the famous TV series ‘Line of Fire’. Unfortunately, only 11 episodes were aired before the show was discontinued.

Rachel got a lot of work in the year 2005 which eventually helped her in gaining popularity and increasing her net worth. Rachel also acted in the famous ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’. This was one movie that performed really well on the Box Office. The movie received a lot of reviews from the critics but at end of the day it is about the money that was collected from the box office.

In 2012, she was the part of the famous TV Series ‘Continuum’. Rachel was honoured with prestigious ‘Constellation Award’ for her performance in Continuum. She was also nominated for another award called the ‘Saturn Award’. She was nominated under the category of ‘Best Actress’.

In 2008, it was reported that Rachel married a known fill producer. The name of her husband is Scott Stuber. She was married on 26 July 2008 in Colorado. But just within 7 months of the marriage, Rachel and Scott decided to file a divorce. The reason they gave for the divorce was the growing difference which couldn’t be sorted out easily. It was indeed a sad ending.

Rachel’s annual salary is not known. And her net worth is estimated to be around 2 million US dollars. Rachel gained a lot of popularity recently which lead to the growth in her salary as well as her net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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