Poppy Montgomery

Poppy Montgomery is a popular Australian American actress. She has earned popularity by appearing in different television roles. She has also received many awards and recognitions for her acting talents and skills.

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Poppy Montgomery was born in the year 1972 on June 15th. She was born in Sydney in the New South Wales, Australia. She was born to her parents, Phil Donaghue and Nicola. Her father was the owner of a restaurant and her mother was a market and executive researcher. The actress grew up with her five sisters. She was very close to her siblings as well as her parents.

She treated her parents and siblings like her best friends. There were a lot of cultural events at their home from childhood. Poppy wanted to be a free bird from early childhood. The actress never took her studies as well as her cultural talents seriously in her early life. She had to change several schools since her early childhood. When she went to the elementary school, she neither concentrated in her studies, nor did she had any friends. Her father was very disappointed by seeing her educational condition.

Poppy wanted to be a free spirit and did not want anything to bind her. When she went to high school, she got into several relationships. She had many boyfriends, during her high school days. She even went for several holidays with her boyfriends. Her parents were very disappointed with her.

When she was eighteen years old, she told her parents about one of her serious relationships but something unfortunate happened and she broke up with her boyfriend. She developed a sudden passion and fantasy towards acting at the age of eighteen years. She moved to the Los Angeles alone where she managed the accommodation with some of the friends of her brother. She had to do a few part time jobs to fund her living.

Montgomery was approached by several modelling agencies. She did a few photoshoots in the category of calendar girls and was also seen in many small television commercials. She began her acting career in the year 2001. She was chosen for imparting the role of Marilyn Monroe in the television series, Blonde. The television series was based on the novel, Joyce Carol Oates. She became so popular through this television series that it fetched her the chance to appear in the next popular television series Without a Trace.

Poppy agreed to do the role just because she was starred opposite Anthony LaPaglia. She worked with Anthony LaPaglia for seven years from the year 2002 to the year 2009. In the biography Magic Beyond Words, Poppy appeared as Harry Potter. Poppy shares her personal life with the media.

The actress has been in a living relationship with Adam Kaufman, her co-star. She also has a son with him. After breaking up with him, she remained single for some years and got into a marital relationship with Shawn Sanford. The couple was also blessed with a daughter and a son in the year 2013 and 2014 respectively.

17 Feb, 2018