Paulo Costanzo

Paulo Costanzo was born in Ontario, Canada on September 21, 1978. His mother was a singer and composed songs. His father was an artist. While his mother was of Jewish descent, his father came from Italy. 

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Both his parents being performing artists, it was natural for Paulo to study arts. As such he was taken to an arts secondary school. He went to the Balmorals Senior public school in Brampton for his primary school education. Later, after completing his primary education, he was enrolled at Mayfield secondary school for arts. These formal studies perfected his artistic traits inherited from his parents.

In his secondary school time, he took part in dramas and musical competitions - both locally within school where he played as Tony in West Side Story which is a musical that took place at Mayfield Secondary School and externally with schools from other states. These performances made brought out his artistic traits and won him much recognition. After completing his secondary education, he joined Ryerson University for theater. His academic life was brought to halt shortly after he started taking part in several television and film roles in Toronto. He only studied for one year at the university and then began his acting career.


When he was 18, he made the debut with the guest role of the Canadian teen series called Ready or Not. After this, more works followed and this included the recurring role on Toronto-filmed Nickelodeon Sci-Fi series called Animorphs.

Paulo Costanzo established his acting abilities when he starred in the movie Rescuers: Stories of Courage together with Scott Speedman and Alfred Molina. He was acting as a Jewish teen running away from the brutal Nazis who wanted to persecute him and went hiding in Belgium. His role here was excellent and gave him a great boost for bigger roles on screen. He got several invitations to audition after this play.

Paulo Costanzo made the appearance to the big screen first like Rubin within the Dreamworks comedy called Road Trip in 2000. From here, he played Alexander Cabot III, the manager of the fictitious pop rock band Josie and Pussycats movie. Other roles continued and these included playing on the opposite side of Josh Hartnett in the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights, the movie was for Miramax with the Alicia Silverstone under the independent film Scorched.

In the 2004, Paulo Costanzo landed a role of playing Joey Nephew Michael, the rocket scientific who has lived with his mother for a long period and he does not have any luck with the ladies. He played for the show for the two years that it had run and then he landed the starring role in a Canadian Flick called Everything’s Gone Green which was filmed in the Vancouver.

23 Nov, 2016

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