Paula Throckmorton

Paula Throckmorton is famous for being the es wife of journalist and author, Fareed Zakaria. Fareed is well known in the public for being the host of his own show on CNN, Fareed Zakaria GPS.


Paula is a MBA graduate from Harvard university. She used to be a jewelry maker and managed her own business. Now, she works as a writer and meditation teacher. She recently published her first novel. She used to write for Wall Street Journal and Slate.

She was interested in meditation since she was nineteen years old and appreciated the fact that she was eventually able to become a meditation teacher.. She teaches meditation to various groups of people including women undergoing chemotherapy.

The popular online news site Huffington Post asked Paula to speak on motherhood. On the topic of newborns, she said “What is it about newborns? How can someone the size of a bread loaf contain so much soul that she completely changes the energy in a room? We are all drawn to newborns, even the loud uncle who flashes his new gadgets and back slaps too hard. We whisper around a baby, keep the lights low, look into the little person's eyes. We forget about multi-tasking and emails. We are our best selves: calm, loving and present. We listen more than we talk and want to help in any way possible. We feel a pure love. Somehow newborns remind us of the most beautiful and quiet feeling inside us. They remind us of who we are.”

She wanted to give new mothers a reality check and tell them about what they should expect, “But then the relentless physical duties of motherhood begin -- the feeding, the burping, the pooping, the diapers, the sleep deprivation, not to mention hosting the pesky aunt who insists that the baby's nose closely resembles hers. The first trip in a car is a herculean challenge. Packing the bag with the wipes, the diapers, the extra clothes, the bottle, the barf cloth. And then the car seat. You might have read the manual and adjusted the straps before your baby's birth, but who knew that a human being could be so small?”

Married to a Famous Journalist

Paula got married to the love of her life, Fareed in 1997. The relationship between Paula and Fareed started with a blind date that was set up by their mutual friend. She ended up having three children with him. The couple has a son named Omar and two daughters Lila and Sofia. When she married him, she knew that she would want to start a family with him. He was everything that she wanted in a husband and father to her children. She felt safe around him because he was always confident and knew what he wanted out of life. She was attracted to him because he was very articulate and able to speak to her on a level that she never experienced with other men before in her life.


Paula was never married before meeting Fareed. Her past boyfriends and old dating life are not known to the media. She came into public limelight after being married to Fareed. Fareed is also famous because his father, who is a political figure in India. His father Rafiq, was an Islamic scholar and a politician associated with the Indian National Congress. His father joined the Indian movement for freedom.

She is now living in New York with her husband and three children. They have tried to keep their best to keep their personal lives and their children far away from the clutches of the media. Though Paula is not a celebrity herself like her husband, she is quite popular and active in her social media profiles. She likes to give her fans and followers updates on her life. She is well aware that a lot of her fan base on social media comes from the fact that she has a popular celebrity husband. That fact does not bother her, she is not petty or jealous of her husband’s success. She is very supportive of her husband and sees her activity on social media as an extension of the family and a way to help promote her husband’s career.

Getting a Divorce

Reports began to surface that claimed Zakaria and his wife Paula were not in a comfortable married zone. Some sources said that Fareed has an affair with one of his female colleagues which brought tension to the marriage. Fareed and Paula started to live individually, until they found the time to work out their differences. They wanted to make things right so they can avoid having a divorce.

When he was temporarily fired by CNN and Times Magazine, his personal life took a hit just like his career. It was reported that for a period of three years, the couple had been trying to make their marriage work out. Initially, the couple refused to confirm to the public that there was a dispute. But, in the last years of their marriage, they have admitted that they were temporarily separated for a few years before getting back together. They were seen together in many public events indicating that that they had patch things up.

One source revealed that the separation was due to a shirtless picture of Fareed that went viral on social media sites. The couple began to fight over the picture and even when the picture was proved to be not Fareed, the disputes continued because of the tension and doubt that it caused.

Unfortunately, in July of 2018, it was announced that Paula asked for a divorce from Fareed. After 21 long years of marriage, she was done and wanted out of the marriage. Fareed publicly announced Paula’s request for the divorce and confirmed that the two had been living apart for a while. Fareed took the divorce very hard but the only person he had to blame was himself because of his infidelity. Paula was not a part of any extra marital affair rumors, all of those rumors were tied to Fareed only.

After the news of divorce went public, it was revealed that the problems in their marriage were due to his lack of attention to family life because of his career problems. He was being stressed out at work and was working hard to fix his career. While he was focused on journalism, he lost sight of wife and children.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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