Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck is a popular tattoo artist of the industry. He is known for his artistic skills among the people. He has shown excellent talent through his creative tattoo designs.

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Oliver Peck was born in the year 1971 on July 29th. He was born in Texas, in the United States. He was born to his American parents and grew up with his siblings. When Oliver was only three years old, his parents got divorced. His siblings stayed with his father and he shifted with his mother, Diane Lucas. He was very close to his mother and could not stay away from her.

He was very interested in art and crafts from childhood. His mother wanted him to become a footballer but he had no interest in it. To respect his mother’s interest, Oliver joined the football team of his school. As Oliver was already very popular in his school, the boys in the football team hardly liked him. He was very popular among the girls of his school and had many girlfriends. This was the primary reason that he was disliked by most of the boys of his high school.

Oliver was very creative from early childhood. He used to paint such creative paintings which were hardly expected from the boys of his age. As a teenager, he used to paint several designs on the walls of his room. He also did not pay attention to the studies which worried her mother a lot. After completing his high school graduation, Oliver thought not to continue further with his studies any further as he was only passionate about painting. However, when nothing good was happening to his art career, he had to take a job at a factory. He became very frustrated with his life during this time. He even got addicted to drugs which resulted in worsening of his health condition.

As far as Oliver’s personal life is concerned, the actor was previously married to Kat Von D. Both of them belonged from the same profession but the couple got divorced only after three years of marital relationship. They do not have any children from each other. Oliver is not involved in any kind of relationship.

Later, after recovering from his health condition, Oliver used to work as a part time tattoo artist on the streets. He used to draw creative tattoo designs for the passer by in exchange of some pennies. He developed his interest to become a tattoo artist from this time. However, his mother never agreed to his decision of becoming a tattoo artist as there were not much success in this career.

Oliver never gave up on his passion. He was soon noticed by a popular tattoo artist, Stell. He saw an amazing creativity in the tattoo art of Oliver and asked him to join his tattoo shop in Dallas. This was a dream come true moment for him. He worked with Stell for many years where he learnt the professional methods to do tattoo designs.

01 Feb, 2018