Nicole Curtis was born in the year of 1976 on August 20 in Michigan. She is famous for writing the show named as “Rehab Addict”. This show is about home renovation. She has spent her childhood in Michigan as well as Lake Orion. She completed her high school education in the year of 1994 from Lake Orion High School. It is said that she studied in various colleges of Michigan and Florida to complete her education. Her family owned a garbage business. She learnt to recycle things at a very age. She attributes her poor childhood for her talent of renovating houses today without having to demolish the place. She learnt recycling waste in her childhood. Gradually the interest shifted to architectural places. She became mother before completing her graduation. Her baby name is Ethan who is now 16 years old. She is a great promoter of protecting the destruction and instead likes to transform places according to today’s architecture. She is currently living in a restructured home from 1904 in Detroit. She has given new look to different places in different parts of the US like Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Minneapolis.

She is very famous on HGTV TV as a realtor who is very fashionable also. She has made her career in development of home both on and off screen. She is filled with zeal to reconstruct cluttered residents into architectural resources which she has been able to showcase through her show. She is the host as well as the administrative producer of the show. First she appeared as the great enthusiast in the show and immediately after that she made her marks in the realtor world by reconstructing the old adobes in Minneapolis. She has struggled a lot during her life. Making a career being a single mother has always been a challenge for her. However, she conquered and became famous. She has spent an entire season of Rehab addict for reconstructing her grandparents’ house. Till date she has renovated various old architectures, mansions and houses. She gave new look to old and ignored places using her talent. This not only made the places look attractive but also made it habitable. Now those places have people living in them.

She has been married once. There has been no information about her husband in any of her biography pages. However, she and her husband headed for divorce later. She is reportedly single. In 2015, a baby news came out for her and she confirmed the news via twitter. Her estimated net worth is around $5 million. She is active on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. She is strong lady who is bringing up her 2 children as a single mother. She has undoubtedly faced many obstacles but she always comes out as a winner. With her elder son, she has faced many problems and struggled for 10 years before getting the show which proved to be a turning point in her life. She lives with her son and 2 dogs.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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