The biography of Neil Richard Flynn begins in Chicago, Illinois, where he was born on 13th November in the year 1960. The actor has Irish roots, and he belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. However, he, along with his family, had to move from Chicago to Waukegan, a city in the same state of Illinois, at a very early age.


After the actor’s family moved to Waukegan, Neil enrolled in the local Waukegan East High School. Already at that time, Neil in collaboration with his mate prepared a comedian performance, for which they were honored with the award of “Humorous Duet Acting” at the championship of the state. Many people noticed his talent when he played in the school theatre. Later, the actor enrolled in the Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois), and, after graduating from the university, he was finally able to go back to Chicago for starting his career of the actor.

Career Experience

In 1982, Nail Flynn debuted in his first show “Brookside as Sozza”, where he got a minor role. Also, he played in a number of well-known, respectable theatres, such as Steppenwolf or Goodman, and he got the Award of Joseph Jefferson for his excellent play in 1986. In addition, he took part in performances of such troupes like the Improve Olympic or Second City Comedy Troupe.

After his first debut in the TV, Nail started to be a regular comer to the world of the cinematograph, even though in the middle of the 1980s his participation was limited to solely minor roles, yet. However, he started to get major roles in 1987, when he starred in Sable – he played a role of the Real Security Guard there. In the same year, he appeared in a series of the CBS Summer Playhouse.

His role in the movie called “Major League”, where he played a role of Longshoreman, brought a real turn to his career, in 1989. Even though the role there was not major either, many filmmakers noticed his talent then. In general, Nail Flynn starred in more than 50 movies and TV series. Perhaps, his most eminent role was the role of the Janitor in “The Scrubs”, which was deservedly well-estimated and loved by the fans. Thanks to the popularity and talent of Nail Flynn, the role of the Janitor in that TV series became a major one.

One of the most frequent roles of Nail Flynn is, undoubtedly, the role of a policeman or guard. The actor also received two nominations: the first one is the NBR Award for Best Acting by an Ensemble, which Nail Flynn won in 1999, while the latest one was received recently, in 2016, for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series from Critics’ Choice Award.

Personal life

Too few facts are known about the personal life of Nail Flynn. He has not been married to anyone, and there were no rumors or facts about his possible partner either.


Nail Lynn can boast a highly active career with the number of films with his roles exceeding 50. Among the latest films and shows, there are “Bob’s Burgers” (2013), “Surviving Jack” (2014), “Undateable” (2015), and “Jeopardy!” (2015).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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