Nancy Cordes

Nancy Cordes, born as Nancy Weiner is a news congressional journalist working at CBS and she lives in Washington DC. She is a normal donor to the CBS News stages and projects. She was born in the city of Los Angeles. While growing up, she lived in Hawaii and the island of Oahu and Kauai. She attended Punahou School in the city of Honolulu and she was a Phi Beta Kappa and a magna cum laude graduate from Pennsylvania University in the year 1995.

Cordes got the graduated degree in the open approach from the Princeton University in Woodrow Wilson school of Public and International Affairs. Before joining movies and tv shows, the CBS News in the year 2007, Cordes worked as ABC News journalist living in New York and she was reporting at ABD News Program and secured many news stories. They include the 2004 race, War in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina.

She was also based in Washington working for News One, The associated News administration at ABC News. Before deciding to join ABC News, she was working like a journalist of WJLA-TV in the city of Washington and she reported the 11 September assault at Pentagon, the DC range and presidential race of 2000. She started the career when she was a columnist of the KHNL-TV in the city of Honolulu.

Nancy Cordes got married in the year 2006 and she lives in the Washington D.C with her husband and two of her children. She has never been involved into the controversies or rumor that may harm her public image. Her husband is called Herald Cordes and her children are Noah born in 2010 and Lila born in 2008. She is not gay but some people may doubt her sexuality. She loves to make noodles and she is one of best cook. She is creative lady and she is known because of her good voice. Some people insist that she should start a career in the singing also.

Nancy Cordes is a religious woman and she tries her best to take care of her family. There is no information about any divorce and she had not been involved in any extra marital affairs. She is a person who is motivational and she spread an impact on the followers.

Taking into account her age, her height is listed in the profile where she is looking for her weight and it seems that it fits well with height which makes her to be attractive. According to her biography, Nancy Cordes is 5 feet with 6 inches and her weight is 58 kg. Her body measurements are 39-28-39. She likes to exercise and eat a balanced diet. She is active on the social media where her fans can follow her easily. More about her can be found from her online interview but her net worth had not been disclosed yet.