Michael Kenneth was born on 22 November 1966. He was born in New York City in United States of America. It is known that among his parents, his father was an African American and his mother belonged to Nassau. Michael’s full name is Michael Kenneth Williams. He completed his schooling from George Westing house Career and Technical Education. Most of his childhood was spend in New York and it is also known that he had no siblings. After completed his schooling, he joined National Black Theatre.

To earn his living, Michael worked at a pharmaceutical company but he was not really happy about it so he dropped out of the school to pursue his dream of dancer as he was really passionate about dancing. This was typically a tough period for him. He was finally able to get a job of a background dancer and he made his debut through the song ‘Too Blind to see it’. After the first song, his employers were really impressed by his performance and he started getting chance to perform more. Later in 1994, he also got a chance to choreograph a music video. The name of the song was ‘100% Pure Love’.

In 1996, Michael’s popularity was growing and he got the role of an actor in a movie. The name of the movie was ‘Bullet’. While celebrating his 25th birthday, he got into a nasty fight with someone from the ground and the matter escalated to the next level. Michael was injured by a razor blade and it took him some time to recover. The incident left a scar on his face. It is also said that he got a lot more roles because of the scar and he mainly got the roles of the gangster.

He was also the ambassador for the Campaign for Smart Justice. In 2002, he got a role in the TV series ‘The Wire’. His role became really famous and it was widely appreciated by the audience as well. He became really popular for his indigenous role in the TV series. It was so popular that even the U.S. President, Obama never missed the show.

Until now he has worked in over 52 movies and short films. One of his most awaited movie in the recent time is Assassin’s Creed. In 2016, he also acted in Ghostbusters which was again a hit on box office. Talking about the small screen roles, he worked in over 30 shows and all his shows were really popular. Two of the widely loved shows were CSI and The Wire. Michael did 41 episodes of The Wire against the 7 planned episodes. This was all because of his unique acting and hard work

In 2004, it came to light that Michael was in substance abuse and he was addicted to cannabis and cocaine. There is no information about his wife or partner. It is now even known if he is married and talking about his children, it is said that he has a son and the name of his son is Elijah Williams. Michael’s annual salary is not public and his net worth is estimated to be around 5 million US dollars. Michael’s net worth speaks of his success.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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