Ann (Anne) Steves was born on late 50s. Her exact date of birth is not available at this time which is why her exact age also cannot be stated with assurance. There is no information about her early childhood, family and education. In the social networks Ann is on the shadow of her ex husband, there is no even a word about her occupation. Ann was involved in charity work along with her husband Rick, when he wasn’t on travel. The Couple took a part in charity housing project for homeless mothers.

She was married to Richard Steves. Previously the couple dated for a while and then in the early 80s tied their married knot with each other. Once Ann told about their wedding for an interview “I remember it very clear. It was in Saint Thomas of Villanova. Later, after ceremony we had the reception with all of our friends at Saint David Gold Club. It was a shiny day, all around was my favorite flowers Calla Lilies and Hydrangea. It was so romantic, especially our vows”.

After long time marriage they suddenly got to divorce in the 2010. The reason of their divorce is not disclosed at social networks or by any TV program clearly. Anne Steves filed for divorce process in Snohomish Superior Court in her native State of Washington in September the year before their official break up, according to Ann. The court granted her divorce case eight months later on March 5, 2010. Finally, the divorce case was completed in July of the same year, when the couple had found the solution about division of their property. The main reason of their divorce is unusual job of her husband. Rick travels to Europe for about five months of every year or even longer and it was really hard time for Ann. She said that she always felt lonely, even after Rick coming back from his long trip. They lived together only because of their children, but they grow up and they don’t need any more to pretend.

There is a rumor that Rick leave Anne for his another relationships with his current travel program partner Trish. The information about his new girlfriend Trish Feaster was added to his blog in the 2012. The new couple don’t like to disclose their relationship to media, so it is unclear till now is she was his loved one before Rick got to divorce or not.

Ann and Rick have two children together Jackie and Andy Steves. They both are already adult and Andy also is a traveller as his father and wrote his own travel book. She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found related to her personal life. Her total net worth is not disclosed by any source but the net worth of her ex-husband is about 10 million dollars. There is no information about her new relationship it seems like she is single now. Currently she resides in Washington State.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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