Melissa Baldino is the wife of Christopher Pennington Kimball and they got married in Cambridge church and the mass was officiated by Robert M Randolph in the year 2013. The two works in America’s Test Kitchen in a Boston company which produces radio and television shows that have the same name and the company also publish Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Baldino works as an executive producer for this show where Mr Kimball is a founder and also a president of this company. The show is being viewed on public television. Melissa is 37 years old and she graduated in Boston University. Her parents are Jim J Baldino and Rike Fossl Baldino. Kimball is 62 and he graduated in Columbia. He is a son of Mary Alice White and Edward Norris Kimball. The groom was already married before two times and the two marriages were ended through divorces.

The two met in the year 2002 and Ms Baldino was attending an interview as an assistant of Kimball. She did not get that job at once but after two months, a woman who was hired quitted and then Baldino was called back and she was given the job. After getting the job, they worked together and became friends until the time she got the job of producer of television and radio shows. As friends, they were admiring the honesty, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of each other. Before getting the job, Melissa was working in advertising and was successful but she had to stop this job so that she can work in food industry.

They got involved with each other in 2010 after Kimball separated from his wife officially. Melissa kept her love for him a secret for some time until she cannot hold back and told him that she loves him. She was expecting to be fired by instead he told her that he loves her too. After his divorce in 2012, he proposed to her. The two said that they are not too concerned about the age difference and they have the same vision towards the world.

According to his biography, Christopher Kimball is a radio personality, editor and a publisher in America. He was born in the city of Rye of New York but raised in the city of Westchester. He graduated in the Primitive Art and he worked in the publishing company before starting his own career as a food specialist. He afterward worked for Center for Direct Marketing and afterwards, he took up some cooking courses.

He invested 100,000 dollars into Cook’s Magazine when he was 29 years. He is author of The Yellow Farmhouse, The Dessert Bible, Dear Charlie and Cook’s Bible. His second wife as Adrienne but there is no information who was the first wife. More information about their siblings, love for yoga and family are not disclosed. Kimball’s net worth is 20 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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