Marie-Charms Mishael Morgan was born on July 15, 1986 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. She belongs to an African-American ethnic. Her parents are Michael and Sharon Morgan. She also has siblings, older sister, Maggris and a younger sister, Monique. She spent her first five years in San Fernando and later her family moved to the New York. Afterwards, they moved again to the Toronto, Canada. There is not much information available about her earli childhood snd senior education. After high school, she studied at the York University in Toronto.

She began her television career in the 2008, when she appeared in the popular teen drama series “The best years” with a recurring role. During the year she appeared in 8 episodes of the show. In the same year she appeared in the TV series “MVP”. Then she joined to the cast of the sitcom “Family Biz”, where she was a regular actor and played the role of as Tracy Dupont. In the 2010 she played the role of Tamara in the short movie “Verona”. She also appeared in the movie “Double Wedding”.

In the 2011Mishael played tole in the movie “You Got Served: Beat the World”. The next year she appeared in TV series “Republic of Doyle” as Chandra O'Neill. Mishael played in the numerous movies like “Casino Jack”, “Swearnet: The Movie” and Total Recall. In the 2012 she appeared I the series “Beauty and the Beast”. In the 2013 she got her breakthrough role of Hilary Curtis in the popular soap opera “The Young and the Restless”, where she is a regular character.

In the 2013 she also played secondary roles in such TV series like “Supernatural”, “The Listener” and “Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds”. Another her successful role was in the comedy series “Backpackers” in the 2014. In the same year she appeared in the movie “Night Cries”, which was directed by Andrew Cymek and released on March 24, 2015, she played the role of the Voodoo Witch Doctor.

In an interview she once said that as a hobby she likes to cook and also loves fishing during her vacation trips. She is a very down to earth woman and has avoided controversies because of this reason. Her agent is David Ritchie, who made Mishael’s success on television and the film industry.

She is married to her longtime boyfriend Navid Ali. There is no information about him in the social media. They married in May of 2012. There is no information about Mishael’s previous relationship. The couple even is the parents of a baby boy, who was named Niam and was born on August 9, 2015. Mishael and Navid also confess that they want more children. Mishael is currently living with her husband and son in New York. She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to her personal life. Her net worth estimated to be of around 3 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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