Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Anthony Ventimiglia was born on the 8th of July, 1977 in Anaheim, California, United States of America. He was welcomed by his parents Carol and Peter Ventimiglia. As to the siblings, he is the youngest in the family and he has sisters, Leslie and Laurel. It is also important to say about his ancestors, who belonged to Sicilian, English and Scottish genealogy. Unfortunately, Milo was born with some kind of peculiarity, his left side of the lips was immutable, but it did not prevent his wish to become a great artist in future.

While being a child, he studied at El Modena High School in Orange, California. There he took part in various activities, like sport, school government and of course some acting performances. During the formative years, he attended American Conservatory Theater. He also entered the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated from it with specialization in the art of acting.

Milo’s first acting role happened in 1996, when he played as Jason, a homosexual teenager in “Must Be the Music”. It was not a huge success for him. Later, he started acting some secondary roles in television serials like “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, and others. His debut as an actor occurred when Milo appeared in “Gilmore Girls”. For 3 years, he was playing a role of a brooding teenager, Jess Mariano, which made him more famous. In 2005, he starred in the series of “The Bedford Diaries” as Richard Thorne, for which he did not even have to audition.

From 2006 to 2010, he has been performing his role as Peter Petrelli, a young paramedic with the power to consume and imitate the powers of other people in NBC’s “Heroes”. It was the biggest role in Ventimiglia’s career yet. Besides, he has tried himself in directing; in 2007, he participated in making a film “It's a Mall World”. In 2008, he was awarded the Teen Choice Award in the Choice TV Actor: Action Adventure category for Heroes. He was also seen in such movies and television programs like “Kiss of the Damned”, “Chosen”, “Grace of Monaco”, “Gotham”, ”Walter”, “Wild Card” and others. Milo may be considered as one of the most successful actors nowadays. His talent attracts thousands of fans and followers. Due to his persistent work, his net worth is estimated to be $5 million dollars.

As to the personal life in his biography, he has no wife and children now. He has been dating with his partner in “Gilmore Girls” Alexis Bledel. After four years of relationship, the pair broke up. The reason is still unknown, as Milo does not like to mention his private life in any interview. Later, for two years, he was seeing with the “Heroes” star and a famous actress Hayden Panettiere. Ventimiglia is known to be a lacto-vegetarian. He also keeps a healthy way of life. Nowadays, Milo gives a big support to friends and family of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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