Michael was born on 21 January 1958 under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. He was born in Toronto in Canada. The name of his father is William Wincott and the name of his mother is Lucia Wincott. His childhood was spend with his parents in Toronto and it is known that he also has a sibling. Name of his sibling is Jeff Wincott. Jeff works an actor and director. Michael completed his education from Julliard School in 1986. He learned Drama over there. As per the records, Michael’s mother had her roots in Italy and Michael’s father had his roots in United Kingdom. It is known that Michael had a good academic record in school and he was one of those students who often landed himself in trouble.

After completing his graduation, he started working and his employer was Talk Radio. This was a start for him and after this, he did a lot of stage shows and TV shows. Michael also worked in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1991 and the movie was widely loved by his audience. Michael also got a change to work in The Three Musketeers and several other hit movies such as The Count of Monte Cristo. He gained a lot of fame because of his voice. Michael was also featured in Live another Day. It is said that Michael gained so much of fame because of his confident acting and innovative style of working.

Talking about the total number of movies Michael worked in, the number is huge and he worked in over 45 movies and one his latest movie is ghost in the Shell which was released in 2017. Michael also worked in several TV shows and the number totals up to 16. A few of his famous shows includes Miami Vice and West World. Michael’s career was not restricted to TV shows and movies. He gave his voice to several video game characters. It is known that he worked in 4 video games and the first video game he worked for was Halo 2. Since 2012, he didn’t work for any game.

It was also reported that Michael was dating Elizabeth Jagger in early 2000. Michael wasn’t not very lucky with Elizabeth as the couple broke up just a month later. In an interview, Elizabeth revealed that Michael was boring that that is the reason why she broke up with her boyfriend. She also said that they had to face a lot of problems because of the huge age gap. It was reported that Elizabeth was 26 years younger to Michael. Since then, Michael never got involved in any relationship and he never got married either.

Michael’s annual salary is not public but as per the online resources, his net worth is estimated to be 68 Million American Dollars. He earned all the money himself and he did not inherit anything. Michael also has huge fan following on social media and he often posts photographs on Instagram.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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