Mahiely Woodbine

Mahiely Woodbine is known as the wife of Bokeem Woodbine and they have been seen in many functions together. There is nothing about getting a divorce between them.

Bokeem Woodbine was born in the year 1973 and he is American actor. He was born in the city of Harlem in New York City. He appeared in many television shows and movies for many years now. He is well known for working in the Juice and it was in the year 1992. The show became a hip hop classic from the start. He was inspired by his mother to join acting profession since she was an actress when she was still young.

He appeared in Love Off limits and he got more attention here. His father and mother were married for sometime but afterwards, they got a divorce. Bokeem was not keen in studying and he did not do very well in his studies and he did not graduate. At the beginning he was not keen in becoming actor but he planned to be a businessman. After acting for some time in school, his friends encouraged him to continue with a professional acting. At the beginning, he was getting only minor roles.

Bokeem was nicknamed Bo. He is 6 feet tall and he is African American. His net worth is 5 million dollars and he started to make it when he was 19 years old. It was in Juice which was a directorial debut film of Ernest R and he was with Tupac Shakur when he played as an extra and a stand-in.

From his biography, he became well known when he played Mike Milligan Role in Fargo’s second season. In Spider-man: Homecoming, he was Herman Schultz. For the performance he had in the Fargo, he was the winner of Black Reel Award and he got nominated for Critic’s Choice Television award and Primetime Emmy Award.

For his personal life, Bokeem attended Dalton School found in Upper East Side of Manhattan. Afterwards, he transferred to Fiorello H. La Guardia High of Music and Art and Performing Arts in the same city.

Bokeem had some minor appearance in television and film. For small screen, he was on the Bones, a crime-drama of Fox and appeared in The Evidence, a cop drama of ABC which was short lived. He was in two episodes of Blade: The Series of Spike TV that was based on the character of Marvel Comics. He was Leon Cooley, in Saving Grace where he was inmate who was on death row. The series was starring Holly Hunter, an academy award winner actress. He was in Black Dynamite which is a blaxpolitation film and the following year, he was in M. Night Shymalan’s supernatural thriller called Devil, and afterwards he was in the Total Recall’s remake. His instagram account is #bokeemwoodbine where he likes to post his videos and photos.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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