Miley Simmons is known as the adopted child of rapper and reality TV personality, Rev Run and his wife, Justine Simmons. She was adopted by the couple in the 2007 after they lost a baby girl Victoria in 2006 due to birth complications. She is a cast member of a reality show called Run’s House which features her the daily lives of her famous family.


Miley Justine Simmons was born on August 24, 2007. Her exact birthday was for an unknown for a long time in social media until recent because her parents did not want to disclose her private information. Her parents are Joseph Simmons also known as Rev Run and Justine Simmons. Miley is their adopted daughter who was brought into their world. She also has many siblings in her family. Her brothers are Joseph Jr., Russell, and Diggy. Her sisters are Vanessa and Angela. She also has an uncle, Russell Simmons, who is the co-founder of the Def Jam music label. There is not much information available about her education as well as her hobbies and what she likes and dislikes because she is still a very young little girl without much media attention.

Being Adopted Into a Celebrity Family

There is no public information available about her early childhood and birth mother. She became a member of the Simmons family on September 2007, the year after her adoptive parents lost their child Victoria Anne Simmons because of a birth defect in 2006. Their parents were grieving over the loss and wanted to try again but they didn’t know if they could handle risking the same tragedy. They felt that adoption was a good route because it would accomplish two things. It would secure them a child without much risk and they would also be doing a good thing by providing a home to a child in need.

In an interview with Black Enterprise, Miley’s adopted mother Justine spoke about the adoption process and how Miley was brought into the Simmons home. Justine went into detail as she explained the journey, “It’s a lot of paper work and repetition. Our bishop’s wife set us up with Judge Hatchett because she’s a part of Casa House, which places kids in homes. [Hatchett] set me up with an adoption lawyer. The agency will show you a picture and you can say, yes or no. If you have a preference the process is not as quick, but if you don’t your options are wide open.”

Rev Run and Justine were set on what they wanted in their new child, “We wanted a baby girl, black, not born to heavy drugs, and a closed adoption. Every place is different as far as waiting after that person has the baby. Some places, you have to wait three months for the person to change their mind. Others are a month, and some two weeks. I still could have said no if I didn’t want that baby once they showed her to me, but that wasn’t the case with Miley.”


Since they were so adamant about getting a black baby, she was asked how she feels about other families adopting children from other races, “I think it’s fine. Just let that child know that you love them for who they are and not their color. But please do not adopt a child of another color if you are going to make them feel alienated or different in any way, or tell them they’re different.”

Growing Up On Screen

The bright young Miley has a potential promising future on television. She has already frequently appeared along with her family on their popular reality television series “Run's House”. The show was started at the end of 2005 on the MTV Channel. The main theme of the show is about the successful life of popular rapper Joseph Simmons, who went under the stage name of Rev Run. The show ran on TV about four years and did a good job of documenting the life of the family for their fans and viewers.

Miley was showcased as a family member on the show shortly after being adopted. The beautiful young girl will surely grow up to be a hardworking and deserving celebrity in the days to come. Miley spent a lot of her time in Manhattan, where her family was filming their show and where her step sisters Vanessa and Angela reside.

Her older sisters also made their own TV project, which was entitled “Daddy's Girls” and was a spin-off of the main family series, Run's House. It was on the air for two seasons and Miley appeared on her older sister’s program for a couple of appearances.

Family Life

She has a very warm relationship with her sisters and brothers. Since she is one of the youngest, they take care of her and protect her from any harm or danger. Miley is surrounded by love and attention that every little girl should get from her family. Although information about her biological mother is not available, she was very lucky to find a loving family. Her parents, brothers, and sisters care about her very much. As her new family is pretty rich, Miley has a very good chance for the future regardless of what she decides to pursue as a career. Her extensive experience in television at such an early age has made her a candidate for future huge success in the world of cinema and television shows.

As she is a kid, she does not have any net worth or salary. The net worth of her father is approximately 70 million dollars, while his wife, Justine Simmons has about 10 million. Currently, Miley resides along with her family in Saddle River, New Jersey. For now, she is not very active in the social media because she is too young to be on social media. Her siblings are very active on social media and will often post photos with their younger baby sister. They know that they will get a lot of positive feedback when they feature her.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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