Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball was born in the year 1951 and he is American editor, American chef, a publisher and he is a TV and Radio personality. Kimball was born in the City of Westchester County in New York. He is a son of Mary Alice White with Edward Norris Kimball. His family had the cabin in the Southern Vermont. He attended Philips Exeter Academy and then went to Columbia University in 1973. He got a degree in the Primitive Art.

According to his biography, when he graduated at Columbia, he went to work together with a step brother who was working in publishing career, company. Afterwards, he worked at The Center for Direct Marketing at the WestPort in Connecticut. He started taking cooking courses and after getting 100,000 dollars from an Angel investment from family and friends, he started to write a Cook’s magazine in a tiny office in Weston Connecticut. This is when he was only 29 years old. He sold this magazine to Bonnier Group in the year 1989 and continued with other publishing ventures.

America’s Test Kitchen: Kimball had been a co-founder and then a publisher and a editor for America’s Test Kitchen. This is a company that produces shows for radio and television. In 1993, Kimball published many magazines which included Cook’s illustrated and in 2004 Cook’s Country. He was also the publisher for the Cook’s Magazine. The revenue of the company comes from the readers and not from the advertisers and this makes him different from the competitors.

He has a cookbook publisher division known as two pigs farm and it is found in Boston Common Press. It is a private partnership between Eliot Wadsworth II, George P Denny III and Kimball. Kimball is also the host of the syndicated public television cooking show Cook’s Country from America Test Kitchen and America’s Test Kitchen.

In 2015, there was a news release in Boston Common Press and this is where the parent company of the Cook Country/ Cooks Illustrated said that Christopher Kimball is no longer a part of their organization. Since the TV shows had already been filmed, he will be a host for them but his other direct participation was ending. He continued to be minority stockholder in this company.

In 2016, Kimball was sued by ATK about the client list and intellectual property theft. This was as a result of developing the Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street in the same image as that of America’s Test Kitchen.

When it comes to his personal life Kimball was married three times. He got a son with three daughters with the second wife called Adrienne. He divorced her in 2012. In 2013, he married Melissa Lee Baldino who is an executive producer for America’s Test Kitchen Television show. She works now as the co-founder for Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. They have a son born in the year 2017. Kimball’s networth is 20 million.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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