Melanie Griffith


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Melanie Griffith is a 60 year old American actress who has appeared in various romantic comedies including the hit movie ‘Working Girl’.

Personal life

Melanie Griffith was born on 9th August, 1957 to an established actress Tippi Hedren and a former child actor Peter Griffith in Manhattan. Melanie is of Norwegian, English, German and Swedish descent. Griffith had to suffer the fate of her parent’s divorce when she was only four. She spent her childhood and adolescent years of her life living in New York and in Antelope Valley, California with her dad. Melanie was highly introverted because of which she took a hiatus in her modeling career while she was a child. She graduated from the Hollywood Professional School aged only sixteen.

Melanie first encountered love when she was just fourteen. She dated Don Johnson and even got married to him for half a year. Later, she got linked to various actors including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal. Melanie got married to Steven Bauer in 1981 who was her co-star in “She’s in the Army Now”. The couple had a son named Alexander Griffith Bauer. However, they filed for a divorce in year 1989.

Melanie’s life took a sad turn when she got addicted with liquor and cocaine once she separated from Bauer. She got clean in 1988 and things started getting better for her. She married her first love Don Johnson once again in 1989. Unfortunately, this time again the couple decided to separate and they signed a divorce once again in May 1995. Melanie finally got settled with Antonio Banderas in 1996.


It may sound a bit baffling but Melanie Griffith made her acting debut at a mere age of nine months in a commercial. She later enacted in ‘Smith!’ as an extra and also in ‘The Harrad Experiment’. Her first major movie was “Arthur Penn’s Night Moves”, in which she did some nude scenes aged only seventeen. Interestingly, she enacted herself in the movie ‘Roar’ as the daughter of her biological mother. The film was directed by Melanie’s step-father Noel Marshall.

Melanie’s famous drug addictions surely did ruin her career but she strongly made a comeback at 26 as a porn star in the movie ‘Body Double’. She won the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award for this film. This allowed her media attention which is why she got her following role in Jonathan Demme’s film ‘Something Wild’ in the year 1986. Melanie also enacted in the sci-fi movie ‘Cherry 2000’ and ‘Working Girl’. She got nominated for ‘Best Actress’ and even won the covetous Golden Globe Award.

Melanie got to play several movies after this. Her following major film was ‘Pacific Heights’. She was a very successful actress in her prime, which was in the 90s. She starred in many films such as ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’, ‘A Stranger Among Us’ and ‘Shining Through’.

Melanie Griffith has had an illustrious career lasting over 50 years. She has done plenty of films during these years and has won several awards for them. Her net worth as of now is $20 million.

23 Nov, 2017