Matthew Povich

Actor Matthew Povich is famous for playing in The Idea Thief. Both of Matthew’s parents are TV personalities. His father, Maury Povich, is a TV presenter while his mother, Connie Chug, is a news anchor. At the time Matthew’s parents were meeting, they were both in Washington working in WTTG-TV. After their marriage, Maury and Connie adopted baby Matthew and raised him as their biological son.

As a result of his father’s fortune and a $45 million net worth, Matthew was brought up in a classy lifestyle. @polyastron is Matthew’s Twitter handle. On Instagram, Matthew’s pictures and post can be viewed on @mattpovvv.

Personal Life

From Mathew’s biography, his celebrity parents, Connie and Maury, adopted him in 1995 from a young woman who was not ready to live as a single mom. Being holders of college degrees, particularly in journalism, Matthew’s parents are quite literate. Connie, his mother, graduated from the University of Maryland while his father, Maury, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

At the time the journalist couple was contemplating on having a child, time had long gone. As a result, adding a new born to the family remained just a wish that they hoped could come true. Connie desperately wanted an offspring since her husband’s ex-wife, Phyliss Minkoff, had born him two children, Amy and Susan.

Being married for years, Maury’s and Connie’s efforts of getting a child proved futile, and as a result, they opted for in-vitro-fertilization. However, this too wasn’t bringing forth any good news. Finally, the couple chose to embrace the last alternative in their situation which was adoption. But the adoption process also took two years before crossing paths with a young unmarried lady who awarded them a baby. Matthew has no siblings.

At one instance, Maury undertook a DNA test to ascertain the accuracy of the allegations regarding Matthew being his biological son. The results were quite baffling since they proved true the speculation. However, more investigation is currently underway. In an interview, Maury stated that he previously donated sperms to earn money. As such, there’s a high chance of him being Matthew’s biological father. On the other side, this might just be a made-up story for the purpose of free publicity.

Matthew’s actual age is not clearly defined, and neither do the social media provide clues of his affairs. Although Matthew is believed to have a soft spot for women as the romantic type, this remains a mere claim since nowhere has Matthew been seen by a ‘girl.’ Matthew reportedly said that he is quite young to commit himself to a relationship or even marriage. In his leisure, Povich travels a lot.  

Career Life

Matthew’s career life is undisclosed. However, as a child, Matthew had an ambition of becoming like Maury Povich, his dad. In other words, he wanted to be a TV personality. But having cast in The Idea Thief, Matthew is on his way to stardom. Apart from acting, Matthew is seemingly a young entrepreneur in the making, especially since he is having considerations of starting a business.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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