Matt Cutshall

Matt Cutshall is popular for his social media star. He is also devoted to musical bands.

Personal life

Matt Cutshall was born in the year 1985 on February 13. He was born in Oregon to his parents. He has no siblings and was brought up by his mother. His parents got divorced when he was only eight years old. His father was probably involved in an extra marital affair and that lead to the divorce. Cutshall was emotionally affected when the split happened between her parents. He could not concentrate in studies and that lead to the worsening of his academic results.

Later, he was also dropped out from his high school. He did not even have any friends and suffered from depression. He remained alone most of the time. When he was only a teenager he devoted himself to music. He learnt to play guitar and other instruments. After a few years, he formed a band with some of his friends. He wanted to show his musical talents and there was no better way other than a musical band. He was the lead vocalist of the team but sometimes, he also played guitar and other musical instruments.

Soon, Cutshall got the recognition of a talented musician. He has a wide number of followers on is Twitter and Instagram accounts which is more than 450K. Recently, he has got into a relationship with Arielle Vandenberg and both of them have confirmed the fact. They knew each other since they worked in Vine together and both of them have also appeared in several videos.


Matt Cutshall did not choose music as his profession initially. He formed the musical band with his group members Jeffrey Oster, Duck Leary, Tommy Coops and Judah Leary. They also recorded many songs and did many outdoor performances. The band also released seventeen songs which became popular. Many popular personalities were also casted in their online videos.

Cutshall’s talents spreaded among the people soon and he received many offers from the recording companies. However, he decided to make his talents famous online and started uploading his musical videos on Vine. According to him, he can express a lot of creativity by uploading his musical videos on Vine. He became one of the popular Viners soon on this platform. He kept posting videos on a regular basis which increased his number of followers.

He did not limit this to Vine only and also started uploading his videos to his YouTube channel. He soon achieved the top position in the list of popular YouTubers through his interesting videos and impressive headlines. The number of subscribers also started increasing day by day. He is  a very social person and he updates videos and snaps daily on his Instagram account. He has been considered as the most popular Instagram personality. Due to his huge popularity, he has also made guest appearances in many promotional events. He also has an approximate net worth of 700,000 USD, which speaks volumes about his standard of living.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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