Dave Navarro

David Navarro is truly multi-faceted. Apart from acting and songwriting, Navarro is a talented guitarist and singer. The June-born singer is believed to be the founder of Jane’s Addiction, a rock band. However, aside from Jane’s Addiction, Dave has been in the Red Hot Chili Peppers music group. Moreover, Dave has been a judge on a reality show dubbed Ink Master that entails tattoo competitions.

Personal Life

Dave Navarro’s biography notes that his birth place is Santa Monica, California. It was on June 7, 1967, that Raul Navarro and Colleen Hopkins celebrated the birth of their newborn baby, Dave. With time, Raul and Colleen, Navarro’s parents, enrolled him at Notre Dame High School which is situated in California. In high school, Navarro met Stephen Perkins in a marching band – after some years, Navarro and Perkins became Jane’s Addiction band-mates.  

As a band member, Dave started playing guitar as well as adopting new sounds. With time, Dave had started mastering his guitarist skills by playing various genres, for example, rock and speed metal. Perkins and Dave decided to form a band named Dizastre and performed at local clubs.    

Unfortunately, Navarro was faced with the predicament of losing his mother in 1983. Navarro’s mother’s death was determined to be as a result of murder and John Riccardi, his mother’s ex-husband, was the guilty party. At the time Riccardi was arrested, the police had received a viewer tip and responded promptly.

Surprisingly, during an interview, Navarro explained that he had earlier made plans to pay his mum a visit and probably have a sleepover during the fateful night but changed his mind later in the day and visited his father instead. After his mother’s brutal murder, Navarro, in an attempt to overcome his pain, started abusing drugs and unfortunately became an addict. Some years back, Dave released Mourning Son, a documentary detailing his mother’s death as well as his drug addiction story.

Over the years, Dave has been in three marriages, but unfortunately, none of these marriages stands to date. In his first marriage, he was married to Tania Goddard-Saylor, a celebrity makeup artist. After he divorced Tania in 1992, Navarro then married Rhian Gittins but divorced in 1994. Later in 2003, he married Carmen Electra, an actress, but she remained his wife until 2007 when they divorced.

Career Life

In 1986, Dave Navarro joined Jane’s Addiction band as the band’s guitarist. His band members included Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins. During this time, the band released various tapes which saw them get on a tour with Love and Rockets. The tour gave the band a major breakthrough in the industry.

After years together, Jane’s Addiction was seemingly breaking up in 1991 due to interpersonal conflicts and drug addiction. After the band had broken, Dave played with different other musicians including joining Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Jane’s Addiction later on reunited and worked on an album in 2011. Navarro today has a $25 million net worth and is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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