Dana Perino'S

Diana Perino’S is a popular personality who has served as a political commentator. She is also a very popular author.

Personal life

Diana Perino’S was born in the year 1972 on May 9 in Evanston. She was the only child of her parents Janice and Leo Perino. She spent most of her childhood years in Colorado. She grew up in an Italian background as her father belonged from Italy. She went to the Ponderosa High School which is a suburb region in Parker. She was a very good student and had a lot of self-confidence.

Perino achieved her graduation degree in the year 1993 from the Colorado University. She studied a major course in mass communication and minor courses in Spanish language and political science. She was a very good student in the university. She was interested in all the co-curricular activities of the university. She even participated in the forensic team of the college. She also took several training in many popular campus. During her university days, she also worked as an assistant and also as a secretary for some famous political personality. Perino got married to her husband Peter McMahon in the year 1996 whom she dated for several years. They also have children together but till now, no such mention have been made about them.


Perino started her career just after she completed her education in the university. She started her career as a staff assistant for the Congressman Scott McInnis. She also served as a secretary for Dan Schaefer. Perino moved to the Great Britain with her husband when Schaefer retired from his position. After that, she started working as a spokesperson in Washington. Her impressive working career has fetched her the oppurtunity to work as an associate director in the White House Council of Environmental Quality. She served as a public relationship manager in the White House.

In the year 2005 and 2007, she serves as a Deputy Press Secretary for Scott McClellan. While she was working for Scott McClellan, she had the oppurtunity to communicate with the directors in the President’s office. Apart from this, she also took part in various major environmental and research issues. When she left this position in the year 2007, she replaced Tony Snow as the Press Secretary of the Acting White House. When Perino left the White House she joined the Fox News as a political commentator. She has also gained popularity as a host and hosts a talk show The Five.

In the year 2009, she received honour from the President Barack Obama. She has also received the proposal from the President to serve in the Board of Governors. She started working as a teacher at the George Washington University where she taught political communications to the graduate students. Perino is very popular among the followers. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts have a large number of followers. She also has a high amount of net worth which is in millions.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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