Matthew W. Davis was born on May 8, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also known as Matt Davis, be aware and do not confuse with a famous British cartoonist. As for his early biography, an actor-to-be graduated from the high school in his native Utah, where he was raised by a loving family. Davis doesn’t talk much about his personal life and tries to keep his parents and relatives from being a target for paparazzi.

After leaving school Matt Davis entered the University of Utah. Matthew in the early stage of time worked as pizza delivery boy in the very early struggling period. Even he also worked in many restaurants during his college times. He delivered pizza to Andy Garcia once and he is trying to meet him again to tell him that he was that boy who delivered pizza.

Matt first became interested in acting while attending the University of Utah. Post-college, Davis moved to New York to further his studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His first starring role came in 2000, when he was only 22, with Colin Farrell in ‘Tigerland’.He made the jump to the small screen when he landed the gig as the title character's self-involved best buddy on the short-lived dramedy ‘What About Brian?’.

Davis co-starred with Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair in the comedy ‘Legally Blonde’ (2001), as Warner Huntington III, who breaks up with Elle Woods. His notable film credits include ‘Blue Crush’ (2002) with Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez, ‘Tigerland’ (2000) with Colin Farrell and ‘BloodRayne’ (2005) with Kristanna Loken.

Davis starred in The CW fantasy drama ‘The Vampire Diaries’, as Alaric Saltzman since 2009 and starred in the short-lived CW mystery and horror drama ‘Cult’, as Jeff Sefton that same year. The role of Alaric Saltzman is the most popular his work.

In March 2008, Matt began dating actress Leelee Sobieski. In five months they got married with Leelee Sobieski on a secret ceremony. Unfortunately, he had been a husband only for 3 months, because thecouple filed for divorce. After his long single life he has finally found romance. Davis is currently engaged to Brittany Sharp who had won Miss Georgia USA title in 2013.. Davis proposed Brittany Sharp, who announced her engagement via Instagram. The couple got engaged on Capri Island, Italy, where they has been spending time together and having lots of fun. According to the photo posted on Instagram by Matt Davis, the couple got engaged on 2 June 2016. Since they have been private about their love life, there is no known information about when exactly the couple met and how long they have been dating.

Matthew’s current status of salary and net worth is also exclusive in sum of amount where he is collecting with the sum of money around 2 million American dollars as estimated in the year 2016 in its very beginning.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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