Mariusz Kolakowski

Mariusz Kolakowski was born on January 2, 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a businessman based in Atlanta who is known for being the husband of Maria LaRosa, a former American meteorologist for The Weather Channel.

Son of Wealth

Mariusz was born in Atlanta to a rich family. Since he was the only child, he got to benefit from the wealthy income of his parents and was raised with a luxurious lifestyle. He never knew how it felt to be poor or to struggle because all of his needs were taken care of. While some children had to beg or wish for their favorite toy, Mariusz got whatever he wanted at anytime.

The wealth of his rich parents provided him with excellent educational opportunities from the very start of his childhood. Mariusz did not let his advantage go to waste. He could have been a lazy spoiled child but his parents were able to instill work ethic into his daily life. They had worked hard to go get to their positions so they wanted to pass along their values to their only son. Their worst fear was to have a son that would inherit all their money and throw it all away.

Mariusz was very good as a student and built a reputation among his peers for his excellent academic performances. Mariusz thought he was just being a good son by studying and doing well at school. What he was actually doing was laying the foundation for his future career in business. His parents were smart to enroll him in classes that would eventually help in his later life as an adult.

Business Career

Mariusz completed his high school graduation in Atlanta and then went on to study business management for four years at a university. After finishing up his college studies, Mariusz returned home to Atlanta to join the family business. He acknowledges the fact that he had a leg up on his college peers because he had a job waiting for him with his family. While his classmates had to go out in the real world and intern to start from the bottom for companies, he had the comfort and safety of his family’s company. It was just another advantage in the box of benefits he had for being the son in a rich family.

He became a successful businessman and was able to establish his name in the business industry, at a young age. With respect to his family business, Mariusz made a number of significant changes in the family business. He was able to implement many new and cutting edge strategies for the business. His family considered him to be a vital asset for the business because he was able to learn new concepts in his studies and apply them in the company.

Weather Reporter Wife

Mariusz became known in the business world through his skill and intelligence but he would start getting famous in the world of media after he married Maria LaRosa who was a meteorologist for the Weather Channel. Maria was born on November 7, 1976 in New York.


Mariusz and Maria wanted to keep the details of their wedding very private because they don’t like to be under the media’s microscope. Getting married is a dream come true for women so Maria couldn’t resist sharing at least a little bit from her wedding day with the rest of the world. She posted a photo of her and Mariusz on their wedding day to Instagram on June 23, 2018. She was posing in a beautiful white wedding gown while holding a bouquet and standing next to Mariusz who was dressed in a black suit.

They had their first baby, Michael in 2005. When Maria became pregnant, she said it was one of the happiest moments of her life. She posted a photo of Michel on Instagram in May 2016 and expressed how happy she was to hear him call her “Mommy”.

Three years of the birth of Michael, the loving couple welcomed their second son, Justin into their world. She posted a photo of Justin on Instagram in 2008 with the caption "My love #2." Maria and Mariusz decided to have the boys three years apart because they wanted their oldest, Michael to have a younger sibling to look after. They didn’t want him to be an only child like Mariusz was when he was growing up.

Maria did not want to stop having children after Justin was born. A third son named Tyler was born in 2010. On Father’s Day in 2017, Maria posted a photo of the whole family to express how grateful she was to her husband for giving her a family that she always wanted.

Mariusz became the proud father to three children from his marriage with Maria. They live a very happy life with their large family. Maria’s career demands as weather report did not prevent her from being a good wife and mother back at home.

Wife’s Career

As a result of his wife’s connections in the media industry, Mariusz was able to get access to a few media platforms to promote his business. Maria received a Bachelor Degree in Meteorology from Penn State University. She paid her bills during her college days by working as a teaching assistant for the University's introductory meteorology course before she graduated in 1998.

Maria’s career as a weather reporter started in 1998 when she went to work for WTVM-TV. After combining professionalism and hard work, Maria progressed to greater heights in her career. PM Edition Weekend and Weekend Now are among the shows that she has anchored.

Maria was the co host of America's Morning Headquarters with Sam Champion and Mike Bettes from 2014–2015. She also hosted Weekend Recharge with Paul Goodloe until she left on September 23, 2018. Details about her departure are unknown but there were rumors that she wanted to take a break from her career to focus on spending time with her family.

Maria is a proud member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. She is the holder of a seal of approval, she is also a certified broadcasting meteorologist.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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