Majorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey is the popular wife of the famous personality, Steve Harvey.

Personal life

Marjorie Harvey is known to us through her marriage with Steve Harvey. We do not have a lot of information about her early life from her biography. She was the only child of her parents and belonged from a high class family background. However, from an early age, she has seen many problems in the relationship of her parents, which greatly affected her life. She did not have any friends in school also and rarely talked with anyone. She was going through a lot of depression due to these issues in her family. She could not eat or sleep properly which resulted in a lot of health disorders. This continuous problem was also affecting her academic career and her performance kept detoriating day by day.

When she was in her teenage, she did not get into any kind of affairs as she had no trust in relationships and love. But when she met Steve Harvey, her view completely changed and she fell in love with him. As Steve also had a bad marriage history, he wanted to move on in his life. They met each other at an organisational event of an NGO. They dated each other for several years before tying the knot. The couple finally tied the knot in the year 2007. Though there is a lot of age difference between them but that hardly matters to them as they share a strong bond of love. There was a lot of controversy regarding their relationship as Steve had a really worse history in case of marriages. His last two marriages ended very badly which paved the way to these controversies. This is the reason that he was not quite sure before tying the knot but Marjorie has always been his support. She always stood with him in every situation from which we come to know about the strength of their relationship.

In a recent interview, Steve has considered himself lucky enough to get a life partner like Marjorie in his life. Though they do not have any children together but it does not make any kind of difference in their marital relationship. Both of them have children from their previous marriages and both of them have accepted them. They also have grandchildren and they have also made many recent appearances with them.


We cannot gather much information about Majorie Harvey’s career. Her personal life has been through so many hurdles that she hardly got the opportunity to create any successful career path for herself. However, she is now considered as one of the fashion icon. Her styles and designs are very much in trend these days and she also has a number of followers on her instagram profiles. In all the appearances that she has made, her style was worth noticing. She has also made several appearances in many of the fashion shows and also some guest appearances as the brand ambassadors. She also has many fashion blogs which are very popular among the followers. She also has a high net worth of $140 million.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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