Liz Shanahan is a happily married wife to Michael Symon, an award-winning American author, television personality, restaurateur and chef. Shanahan’s husband is not only a great cook but also a lovely companion as well. Shanahan and Symon have stayed together without the thought of divorce or separation ever coming to mind for 22 years. This illustrates of the Symons’ understanding and bond.

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There is a common phrase that goes “Food is Love.” From whatever perspective you take it from, this say proves true; in that, food has a way of bringing loved ones together not to mention keeping them in joy. The Symons’ marriage is a perfect embodiment of this. The couple has redefined ‘marriage’ by their sharing of similar passion and interests for love as well as food.

Shanahan’s marriage serves as an example to the vast majority of couples in various ways. For instance, at the time the couple was meeting, Shanahan was already a mother to one child, Kyle. However, on knowing this, Symon, out of an understanding, loving and gentle spirit, never allowed that to be the reason as to why he never go engaged to Liz. Instead, he eventually married Shanahan and went to the extent of taking Kyle as his own.

In addition to loving Kyle, Liz’s husband, Symon, supported him in starting a Donut shop. This, as many would claim, is a show of love and one that is genuine. It perhaps explains why Liz considers herself a happily married wife. Today, Kyle has come of age and is doing music at a professional level. Also, Symon makes repeated mentions of Kyle in his vast numbers of TV shows. However, the question as to whether Liz and Symon will eventually have more children still remains at large.

Moreover, ever since Shanahan and Symon tied the knot officially in 1994, the two have ever since cherished each other; not only do they stay together but also cook together. As the couple believes, it is their passion for cooking as well as incorporating happiness into people’s lives by way of their meals that has cemented their bond and promises them even a stronger bond in the future. As such, their marital life comes as an inspiration for most couples.


Based on Shanahan’s biography, she started as a collaborator on Symon’s restaurant – they hadn’t started dating yet at this time. The restaurant was established in 1997 and was at this time named Lola. The name Lola was derived from Michael’s aunt. According to Michael, Lola was the kind of a relative that greatly influenced and motivated him. Therefore, naming his first restaurant Lola was a means of paying homage to his aunt.

However, after some years, the couple changed the enterprise’s name to Lolita. As a result of the many activities associated with watching the restaurants, Shanahan works as Michael’s support system. However, there have not been any public updates as it relates to Shanahan’s net worth though Michael’s net worth is $3 million.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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