Laura Okmin was born on the 11th of July, 1972 in Kansas City, United States of America. Her parents are Native Americans, so she is of White ethnicity. There is no updating data about her siblings and other members of family. During the formative years, she had a dream to become a journalist and she was doing everything possible to bring this wish to life. She attended the University, situated in Kansas, and graduated from it with a degree in Journalism.

As to the profession, her first job in mass media was nearly at the age of 20, when she worked as an athletic newsman in Montgomery, Alabama, Chattanooga. Besides, she collaborated with Sports Channel in Chicago, where she was making some trips with the Chicago Bulls during their contests. Due to her persistent actions there, Laura was rewarded with the Chicago Midwest Emmy for Prominent Achievements and Sports in the area of Single Program Covering Sports.

Later, for about 5 years, she was working for CNN. Then she was a reporter on the sports shows like "CNN Early Edition," "CNN Morning News”. These programs were shown every day on CNN and CNNSI. Soon, Laura worked for TNT/TBS Sports, where she hosted Braves and Thrashers reportage. At the same time, she served as a newsman for the NBA Playoffs. The peak of the career occurred in 2002, when Okmin came to the FOX Sports Network. She took the position of the host and held many reportages for the FOX team for many years.

Now, she is an informer for the projects and a sideline newsman for the FOX crew. Laura also ensures some analysis for Westwood One's NFL Thursday night and Monday night national radio games as well as the NFL additional games. Moreover, she was present during the 2012 Summer games in London and the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Laura has attended three national FSN shows while she was as a feature and sideline reporter for Orange and Fiesta BCS Bowl Games. Through her success in the profession, she earns a good salary and payment. Her net worth is evaluated to be around $2 million dollars.

As to the personal life in her biography, she is married now. Okmin is a very private person, so there is not so much information about her relationship. The only fact, that is known about her husband – he is a musician. Once she said in her interview for Wikipedia that it was a long-term relationship, almost since childhood age. The day of their wedding happened in 1996. They seem to have no kids yet. There is no details concerning news about the divorce. According to her Instagram account, they still love and respect each other. As to the appearance, she has almost a perfect body with the height of 5 feet 10 inches. She is an attractive woman, who is at the same time very intelligent and clever.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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