His biography starts with his personal life. He is the actor and producer. He got marry with his wife Daniela Barbosa. There is not much information available about him. He is not much active on the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. He has produced various films such as Home in the year 2013, no reservations in the year 2007, etc.

Mario saw his wife Daniela Barbosa and fell in love. They met on the set of No reservation. There is not much disclosure about his family and children. He is also known for his films such as Asignatura aprobada which was released in the year 1987 and En mil pedazos in the year 1980. He has produced the film such as Planet of the vampires in the year 1965, the last day of Pompeii in the year 1989, and the historias de Madrid.

There are very few people who after their successful career come in the contact of the people through various means. There is also non availability of salary details of Mario Morales. He is the successful producer and actor who can be rarely seen on the social networking sites such as instagram, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. You will find no disclosures of his personal life on the different types of websites available.

There are not many records available except the films produced by him. He is the hardworking guy who focuses more on his work. Mario morales in one of famous celebrities still not so famous among the people. It is necessary to obtain detail information about him.

There is not much photos uploaded on the social networking sites. By the name itself, one can come across the fact that he is an American by nationality. There are no details available of his height, weight, etc. No records of their marriage. There are details of him getting marry with Daniela Barbosa, after the film No reservation where they fall in the love with each other. He produced different movies for which he is known. As, he is one of the famous producers and actors, his net worth must be attractive. Details are not available on the website.

There is some information available of his wife, Daniela Barbosa who got marry with Mario Morales in the year 2008 since present. She was born in the beautiful city of USA that is in New York. She is a well known celebrity who is known for her work in the films like I now pronounce you chuck and Larry that was released in the year 2007, across the universe which was released in the year 2007 and the film 1408 which was also released in the year 2007. This shows how famous she was! There is not much disclosure of the date of birth of Mario morales. Not much  information is available about him.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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