The biography of Mark Ballas starts with his successful career. He was chosen as the best choreographer in the year 2011. In the year 2011, his first CD Hurt love Box was released. He was born at Houston in Texas. His father is the very famous dancer corky Ballas and the name of his mother is Shirley ballas. His grandfather and grandmother were known to be Spanish and his mother belongs to the United Kingdom. This is all about his parents.

He is a song - writer as well as a singer working with his BC jean his son. They got engaged in the year 2015, after a three of relationship and dating. They got married in the year 2016 at California.

He is the very much famous personality on the social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, Instagram. On Instagram, there are 1509 posts; about 840 K followers are there along with 649 people following him. This shows how much famous he is among the people. He is a famous personality on the facebook as well. About 362273 likes he got for his status on facebook. He joined twitter as on April 2009. He has 13.2 K tweets, about 943 following him, 444 K followers on twitter and 4684 likes on twitter. He is the active celebrity on social networking site as he uploaded around 1189 photos on twitter.

He attended the school of London namely school of preparatory Rosemead. When he was attended the 11 years of age, he earned a scholarship from Academy of theater arts which were in London. He also gained an award for his best performance. He then participated in the  championships at the open US to , open British and open international which are open to the whole world. He also won the medal plated with gold at Olympics on the junior level.

In the musical Copacabana, he played a tony’s role which is a lead role, in the musical Maria Aires de Buenos he was a lead dancer. He was a part of Hufflepuff house in the movie of harry potter and sorcerer’s stone. In the Samantha’s premiere in which, he made a guest appearance.

Cheetah girl and Sabrina Bryan was his partner in stars dancing. The couple was invited to the exhibition dance.  His 6th season partner of stars dance was a gold medal winner namely Kristi Yamaguchi.  His net worth is $ 450 thousand. This shows how much famous he is among the people. His wife was his girl - friend before their marriage. His ethnicity is white. He is 5.6 by height. His eye color is dark brown. There is not much information available of his children.

The name of his musical group is Ballas Hough band. The name of his sibling is George Ballas. He is of 72kg. He is normally working for television. He is American by nationality. His birth sign is Taurus.  Salary details are not available. Thus, he is a successful personality as far as his personal and professional life is concerned.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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