Kirsten Powers

 Kirsten Powers is an American analyst and political pundit and also an on-air personality for the Fox News cable channel. Born to archaeologist parents in Fairbanks, Alaska, on December 14,1967, she was raised in her hometown with a family who helped generate her interest in politics and debates as she was "expected to state and defend my positions on the issues of the day every night at dinner”. Her parents were of an Irish-American background. She studied at and graduated from the University of Maryland and subsequently she attended the Georgetown University Law School for a short stint of 18 months.

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She currently writes for USA Today and is an on-air political analyst at CNN, where she appears regularly on Anderson Cooper 360°, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, and The Lead with Jake Tapper.
Prior to CNN, Powers worked at Fox News as a political analyst and contributor, where she appeared regularly across the channel including Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Sunday, The Kelly File and The O’Reilly Factor.
Powers previously was a columnist for the New York Post and later The Daily Beast, which she left to join USA Today. Powers' first column appeared at The American Prospect and her numerous articles have appeared in USA Today, Elle, the New York Observer, Salon, and the Wall Street Journal.
Powers began her career as a staff assistant with the Clinton-Gore presidential transition team in 1992, followed by an appointment as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1998. She subsequently worked in various roles, including press secretary, communications consultant and party consultant.

In her career, she held many positions as the Deputy Assistant U.S. for Clinton Administration; America Online’s Vice President; a trade representative for the Public Affairs and later she even served as the Vice President for the AOL-Time Warner Foundation. Besides, she also worked for ‘Vote No on 3’ campaign and she also briefly served as a press secretary to the DNC (Democratic National Committee). She was a consultant for many NGOs like the National Council for Research on Women (NCRW) and the Human Rights First.

Kirsten was raised by her parents as an Episcopalian, but most of her adult life was spent as being an atheist. When she was in her mid 30s she once again turned to Christianity and was an evangelical Christian. This conversion came to her when she was dating a Christian religious man who introduced her to a pastor, Tim Keller, of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. Subsequently, when she was travelling to Taiwan in 2006, she believes that Jesus had visited her after waking up in the middle of the night. She has called her conversion "a bit of a mind bender" due to her political beliefs and former atheism, and prefers the term "orthodox Christian" over "evangelical" to describe herself, given the cultural baggage around the latter term. She has said that the biggest impact her new-found faith had on her political beliefs was that she came to "view everyone as God's child and that means everyone deserves grace and respect." On October 10, 2015, Powers was received into the Catholic Church.

29 Aug, 2017

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