Kimberly J full name is Kimberly Jean Brown and she was born on date 16 November of 1984 in the city of Gaithersburg in Maryland of USA. She is actress and she is known to be the star in the film Halloweentown of Marnie Piper. She was playing as Marah Lewis in Guiding Light TV series and she was Sarah Sanderson in the Bringing Down the House Film. When it comes to how rich she is, her net worth is over 2 million dollars and this is a result of the successful acting career which she started from 1990.

Kimberly J was born in with three siblings, all brothers. However, more information about who are her parents cannot be found online. She started acting career when she was only five years and she was advertising the commercials of Ford Agency. Afterwards, she started to appear in Broadway show when she was at the age of nine years. She was the cast of three shows and she became the first child in the history of achieving this. She was in the Show board, Les Miserables and Four Baboons Adoring the Sun.

Kimberly J made the debut on the big screen while playing Amanda Delaney for the episode called The Baby-Sitters Club. In four years afterwards, she got the role of playing as Princess Caraboo. She was providing a voice of Miyu Yamano for English version of the horror manga series named Vampire Princess Miyu. In this same year, she appeared within the role of Ellen Foster TV film that was directed under John Erman.

According to his biography, Kimberly J made the breakthrough by starring in Marnie Piper role in Halloweentown movie. The director was Duwayne Dunham. She also played in Unhappily Ever After when she was a guest star. She was starred in the movie Two of A kind and she was providing a voice for the A Bug’s live animated film. She was also the cast of Tumbleweeds where she played as Ava Walker.

She did the voice over for The Little Polar Bear film and then she continued with her new role as Marnie Piper in the Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. Other film she starred in includes law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a guest star and then Bringing down the House when she was Sarah Sanderson.

As she continues her acting career, she appeared in Big Bad Wolf in the film that was entitled Friendship of 2010. She also appeared like Shana Taylor in the Low Winter Sun TV series. This helped to increase the net worth.

When it comes to her personal life, there is no enough information about her but her fans follows her on her Instagram and twitter. There is no information about her education. There is also no information about having a husband or a boyfriend.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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