Donna Richardson

Born in 1957, Donna Richardson is today among America’s top-notch instructors in aerobics and fitness. However, aside from being an instructor, Donna is as well a sports commentator at EPSN television and an author. Donna not only produces but also hosts two shows on The Word Network and TV One dubbed Sweating in the Spirit and Donna Richardson: Mind, Body, & Spirit respectively. She used to release fitness videos progressively, which won her the attention of America’s former President George Bush. Bush assigned him a job on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  

Aside from instructing, Donna started taking part in aerobic competitions nationally and internationally. However, with time, Donna started hosting TV shows. For instance, she joined ESPN in 1992 where she served as a co-host to a widely watched show dubbed ESPN Fitness Pros. Donna had gained much experience behind the camera which saw Nike give her an endorsement for their Platinum Buns of Steel commercial.   

Personal Life

Donna biography does not disclose about her education. However, as a child, Donna Richardson attended dance classes. In addition to dancing, the young girl was also fond of sports. Her passion for athletics and sports-related activities led her into the fitness world. As a result, Donna challenged a majority of her mates to aerobics challenges and based on the fun she found therein, Donna started going for workouts. These workouts worked out for her.

Having attained the necessary training, Donna became a certified coach and as a result, began training individuals at health clubs including Bally’s. With time, Donna’s training sessions started paying off and subsequently, she established her own health club where she trained myriads of people. At this time, she had started producing her fitness videos.

Donna was raised in a religious setup. As a result, she often went to church and it only took a relationship going sour for Donna to retrace her Christian roots. Not only did she see the face of Christ in the midst of darkness but also met Tom Joyner, a radio personality. Donna decided to make Tom her husband by getting married to the talented and handsome man who hosts the Tom Joyner Morning Show.


In American society, Donna Richardson is among the top fitness experts who scoped a silver medal during the National Aerobics Championship. A majority of the videos in which Donna has starred in have been award winning; for example, Buns of Steel. Apart from working for America’s former President George Bush, Donna served in the Pan American games in 2007 as a delegate. As a writer, Donna authored Let’s Get Real.

In addition to that, she has had a column on both the Gospel Today and Ebony magazines. On TV One, Donna hosts Donna Richardson: Mind, Body, & Spirit. She has lectured in various schools including Oprah’s private school down in South Africa. Donna fans can check her doing her thing on social sites including Instagram and Facebook. She also has a massively followed Twitter account. Donna’s net worth is $3 million.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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