Keegan Michael

Keegan Michael is an actor of American origins. He appeared in Comedy Central Sketch and in Key & Peele. He was the co-star in the Playing House comedy. He was a cast member of Mad Tv for six seasons.

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From his biography, Key grew up in Southfield in Michigan. He got adopted by Michael Key and Patricia Walsh when he was still too young. Both the adoptive and biological father was African-American, while adoptive and biological mother are Caucasians. He got to meet Carrie Herr who is his biological mother. He found out that he was born with two half brothers, but at that time, they were both dead. One of his brothers is Dwayne McDuffle who wrote a comic book. Since he is biracial, it has become a topic of most of his comedy materials. He said that while growing up, he did some code –switching and he still does that up to now.

As an undergraduate, he went to University of Detroit Mercy, and he got a degree in the fine arts. Afterwards, he got a master degree in fine arts from Pennsylvania State University. When he was at the university, he was a member for Phi Kappa Theta.

When Keegan Michael wanted to join Mad TV in the ninth season, he was put against Jordan Peele. Fox wanted to pick only one cast member from black community. However, the two showed exceptional talent and they end up being picked together. When he was playing at MadTV, he took up different characters.

Together with Jordan Peele, Keegan Michael started a comedy central sketch under the name of Key & Peele. It started to air in 2012 and it ran for up to five seasons up to September in 2015. The two were also in Epic Rap Battles of History, where Key was playing as Mahatma Gandhi while Peele was playing as Martin Luther King. They also did Muhammad Ali Vs Michael Jordan.

When it comes to his personal life, Keegan Michael was married but he divorced his wife. His wife was Cynthia Blaise, who is a dialect coach and an actress. After being together for 17 years, they decided to separate. However, their divorce was finalized in 2017. Key got engaged to a director and a producer called Elisa Pugliese and the two wedded in 2018.

Key worked at Young Storyteller Foundation for the annual fundraiser together with Judy Greer, Jack Black and Max Greenfield. Keegan Michael had been active in acting career from 1999. The first film he appeared in was Get The Hell out of Hamtown. He is known to impersonate both females and male celebrities. His net worth is 7 million dollars. He won two awards, the Best Alternative Comedy Series and Peabody Awards. He also won TV Land Icon Award for Comedy Duo Icon. He had also been nominated to many other awards.

04 Oct, 2018