Julie Yaeger is not a very famous figure. She is famous for her husband, Paul Rudd. If you check about him in Wiki, you would know that he is the ant man in the movie Ant-Man. He is also famous for his role as Josh of Clueless.

Personal life

Julie married Rudd way back before his acting career made him famous. They have a very private relationship and never share anything about their marital life. Julie is married to Rudd since 2003. After he worked in Clueless, people around him suggested to get a publicist and thus, he went into the office of his future wife. She helped Rudd with his works and he asked her out after a few weeks. Julie’s first date with Rudd was a lunch. He met her on his first day in New York. He went into her office straight with his luggage and eventually started living in her apartment.

They dated for almost 12 years and they got married in 2003. Now, they have two kids (a son and a daughter). Julie always accompanies Rudd for any party, film premiers and others. Julie always wanted to keep her personal life away from media but, Rudd couldn’t help but leak out information every now and then. According to an old article, Julie should be 42 by this year, 2016. Though her name or personal information is not known to media, people always recognize her as she is seen in public and parties a lot with Rudd.

She now lives with her husband and children in New York. They have two houses in New York and it is not sure which house they reside in. There are no rumors about affairs, domestic violence or other problems. Their marital relationship is going smooth and it is assumed to be strong for a long time.

There are no details about Julie’s previous boyfriends. It is assumed that this is her first marriage. Rudd was also not married before. Her biography came into media’s eyes only after their relationship was announced to media. Thus, there are very little details that we know about her life, before she met Rudd. Since she has not talked a lot about her childhood, there is pretty much nothing that we know about her parents and young age. This includes her birthday, wedding details and others. She also tries to keep her kids away from the eyes of the media. It is said that she is very protective of her children.


In a recent interview, Rudd mentioned that his wife was a former publicist. Thus, it is assumed that she is not working as of now. It is assumed that she quit working because of marriage or her kids. In an interview, Rudd said that Julie helped him in a screenplay. Later, it was announced that she is writing a screenplay for Los Angeles Production of Alethea Jones. There is no news about the project. Rudd is a pretty successful actor and has a pretty good net worth but, Julie on the other hand, has not mentioned about her net worth, salary details and other financial information to media. Other details about her career growth are not known to media.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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