Jenisa Garland

Jenisa Garland is a well known personality. She is renowned for her husband who is a great actor. She has played a huge role in her husband’s profession. She has never been in the limelight of the media before and it was through the publicity of their relationship which fetched her, the lime light of the media.

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Jenisa Garland was born to her German parents. She spent her early childhood years in France. As her father was a pilot, she had to travel to different places with her family, whenever her father was transferred. She also had a younger sister and a brother. Her mother was a popular fashion designer and worked in a fashion agency. As she was the eldest of her siblings, she had to take care of everything, in the absence of her parents. She even helped her mother in the household chores.

Jenisa had a knack for learning different languages and was fluent in Persian, Dutch, German, French and English. She never went to classes to learn languages. She used to learn several translation books and as she has been to several places, she has easily gained the influence of other languages. She also read several literature and fiction books. She has a great collection of books and is very fond of middle age plays and short stories. Even now, whenever she gets time, she engages herself in books.

Jenisa never had any interest in the glamour industry. She hardly watched any television shows or movies. As a student, she was very brilliant. Her grades remained decent consistently. She also took part in different cultural and social activities of her school. She even attended the drama and dance classes regularly in her school. She was an important member in the classical dance group of her school.

Jenisa has also made appearances in several dance competitions which has helped her to fetch several trophies. Later, she also developed an interest towards theatres. As she was already a part of her school drama group, she had some experience about the theatre world. She appeared in several plays and short films during that time.

Though Jenisa excelled in acting, she had no interest to step in the film industry. It was during this time when she first met her future husband. He was a struggling actor when they got into a relationship. Though she never stepped in the film industry, she has always supported him and stood by him in every phase of life. They did not disclose their relationship and kept it a secret from the media till he rose to success.

She came in front of the camera after the grand success of his first film. It was that time when the couple declared the news about their marriage. They kept their marriage theme simple and did not go overboard. They only included some relatives and a few close friends. At the ceremony, they shared many pictures of their marriage on the social media.

31 Dec, 2017