Rick Lagina

Famously recognized for having appeared in the History Channel television series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, Rick Lagina is a retired postal worker in the U.S.A.

Personal life

Born in the U.S.A., Rick Lagina is a known personality for those who take interest in History. He, along with this brother, rose to prominence for appearing on the History television show. Talking about Rick’s private life, it seems like he likes to keep certain things to himself. He doesn’t mingle his professional life with his love life. Sadly for the fans, Rick hasn’t yet opened his mouth regarding his married life. However, there are some rumors regarding Rick’s sexuality saying that he is gay. Rick is tall and has a charming personality which suits his character pretty well. He keeps a long hair and a white beard which add to his personality.

Quite amazingly, Rick is able to dazzle women with his persona and charm even at this age. It is of no surprise that Rick has amassed a huge number of fan following and adulators. Rick Lagina is said to receive a handsome amount of salary through his work which is why his net worth as of now is $2 million. Just like his personal life, Rick has kept himself silent on social media as well. In an age of internet, Rick doesn’t feel the necessity to connect with his fans using instagram or twitter.


Rick Lagina began with his career in television after being aired on the History Channel serial ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. The show revolves around the two Lagina brothers Marty and Rick and their efforts to attempt to find evidence in order to solve the mystery of the Oak Island. They both go on to search for treasures that are rumored to be buried somewhere within the Oak Islands using present-day technology. The two brothers started taking interest in this journey after they read about the Oak Island on Reader’s Digest. As a matter of fact, the brothers have vested interest in the form of shares in Oak Island Tours as well.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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