Stella Arroyave

Born on March 29th, 1956 Stella Arroyave is a famous actress from Columbia and also a successful producer. Further she also is known better for being the wife of the famous Hollywood actor, Anthony Hopkins. Though she did have a career of her own her fame and glitz could be attributed more to her being the wife of Anthony Hopkins.

Early Life

She was born in a place called Popayan, Columbia and spent her entire childhood in Columbia. She never had the inclination or intention of being an actor or entering the glitz and excitement associated with Hollywood. However, destiny had something else planned for her and she met Hopkins and this made her to be a part of the glitz and charm associated with Hollywood.

Personal Life

She worked as an antique dealer and as luck would have it, Hopkins walked into her antique shop and that is when her love life started and changed her life forever. Coming to her personal life she got married to Hopkins in 2003. There is no need to introduce Hopkins who is a world renowned actor and he has won quite a few Emmy, Academy and BAFTA awards.

She has been a devoted wife to Hopkins and Hopkins often has mentioned about her love and care. She has been instrumental in guiding him out of depression. Currently they both are leading a happy married life in Malibu. Though Arroyave is sixty years old, she maintains her body perfectly well and also has an attractive and beautiful face. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and even today many man are attracted towards her because of her wonderful looks.

It also would be pertinent to mention here that Stella Arroyave is quite active on social media and has a good presence on Twitter, Facebook, IMDb and many other such sites.

Net Worth

She broke into the limelight after she got married to Hopkins. Though her individual net worth has not been estimated till date, it is believed that she gets a good income from the money she has saved when she worked as an actor. Hopkin’s net worth is quite huge and must be around $160 million. It is only bound to grow further over the years given the fact that she has wisely invested her earning and also takes care of the spending of her husband quite efficiently.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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