Jen Delgado

Jennifer Delgado is a popular meteorologist. She hosts the news regarding the weather forecasts on various news channels. She also serves as an anchor for the CNN channel.

Jennifer Delgado was born in the United States to her American parents. As she was born in a well to do family, she never had to face any kind of financial problems. She was an introvert during her early childhood due to which she underwent several problems. Her parents had to face a lot of problems to bring her up as she did not speak a word. She had no friends which made her parents tensed.

Jennifer’s parents thought that she was probably suffering from some kind of mental problem or emotional disorder. They also took her to many counsellors and psychiatrist to treat her but the result was none. Her teachers asked her parents to involve her into cultural activities and music therapies. They thought that it would help her to recover faster. She started learning piano and instrumental music and this helped her to come out of his introverted nature. When she went to the middle school, she started making friends. She recovered a lot from her introvert nature.

So long as her personal life is concerned, Jennifer Delgado aspired to be a musician in future but as she was very good in studies, her parents wanted her to pursue a good career in future. She was very good in Geography and always made research about it. She used to say that if she ever pursues any subject other than music, then it will be Geography.

Besides that, she was also very good in recitation. She used to participate actively in all the competitions and brought many trophies and awards through her performance. She had a great voice and used to host several events in her school. She completed her graduation with a major in Geography from the university. She passed with a scholarship in the subject.

Jennifer decided to pursue her career as a weather forecaster so she studied a diploma course in weather forecast for a year as it would help her to get the job easily. When she was in the university, she got into several relationships. We could not come across any names of her boyfriends and neither of her relationships went too far. Jennifer has not been into any serious relationship till now.

In an interview, she has said that her parents are her only strength and they have always supported her in every decisions of her life. She started her career with the WTVR-TV. She used to handle all the process of weather forecasting along with collecting information for the channel. She worked here for two years to gain enough working experience. After that she joined the CNN as a meteorologist. She used to host a two hour program in the morning show of the channel. She played the role of an anchor very well and has also received several promotions in her work place.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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