Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem was born in the year 1969 on March 1st. He was born in Spain in the Canary Islands. He was the only child of his parents José Carlos Encinas Doussinague and Pilar Bardem. His mother was a popular actress and his father was a successful businessman. Just after he was born, his parents got divorced. He had to stay with his mother. He has a background culture of actors in his family.

Many of his grandparents have established their name in the Spanish film industry. Besides film culture, he also has a political background. As his mother was an actress, she remained busy for most of the time so he had to stay back with his grandmother. He had received a Roman Catholic upbringing from his childhood as his grandmother belonged to this background. During holidays, his mother took him to the film sets to watch her do the acting. He became very familiar with the sets and camera and when he was only six years old, he appeared in his first film. The film was El Picaro, a Spanish film. He went to the nearby high school as his grandmother could not travel, a long distance.

He was a very active member in his school. When he went to the high school, he joined the rugby team. He joined the Spanish National Team of rugby in his school. He never had an interest towards acting though he had a family background full of actors. He took great interest in painting and wanted to pursue with his passion. He joined an art school but as it required a lot of funds, he started taking part time jobs. Later, he took part time acting career and appeared in some supporting roles to fund his art career. He had to struggle a lot to do these acting roles as he was even offered many minimal roles.

After finishing his art education, he involved himself in the acting career. He made his first television debut with The Ages of Lulu. His mother was in a lead role in the film and he appeared with her in the supporting role. In the next film, he was given the lead role as he impressed everyone with his acting. The film was known as Jamón Jamón in the year 1992 where he imparted the role of a bullfighter and an underwear model. His first English film debut happened in the year 1997 but he refused the offer as he was not very much comfortable with the role. Next, he appeared in the film Perdita Durango where he played the role of a bank robber. He rehearsed his English tongue very much to establish himself as an English actor in the industry.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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