James Ernest was born in the early 70s. His exact date of birth is not available at this time, which is why his exact age also cannot be stated with assurance. There is no any information about his parents, siblings as well as education details. He followed his dreams at a very young age. At his school time he designed a chess variant as a key plot element in a fantasy novel.

He worked as a juggler at various venues like Camlann Medieval Village. Later he worked as a freelancer for publisher of games Wizards of the Coast from 1993 till 1995. He found new publishing “Cheapass Games” in the 1996 and even released new projects like “Diceland” or “Enemy Chocolatier”. With the onset of new technologies, he was very keen on creating games, especially on fantasy topics. He started work in the Carbonated Games studio. Afterwards, he joined game publisher Rio Grande Games, which based in New Mexico. He continued his career in the Wizkids.

In the 2005 James and his business partner Mike Selinker founded Titanic Games under the Paizo Publishing leadership. During that time he created such games like “Unexploded Cow”, “The Big Idea”, “Kill Doctor Luck”, “Falling”, “Brawl”, “Button Men”, “One False Step for Mankind”. Thanks to crowdfunding platform at the Kickstarter, he released several successful projects. Along with a writer Patrick Rothfuss, he started a game project in the 2014, which was featured in a book “The Wise Man's Fear”. Two years later he started a campaign at the Kickstarter and got his success with more than 1 million dollars.

He said that he likes his work because of the intertwining of two fascinating directions "designing" and "making up" games. He calls his games his children, but considers Dickeland his most beloved work. In addition to his mainly work he also wrote and published several books, which were titled “Contact Juggling” and “Dealer's Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker”. In the 2003 he wrote a music for the movie “The Man Between”.

He is a big fan of the console games. As he said "I saved my pennies for Atari 2600 and later I've owned even more or less every console system since that time". Now Jason and his game publisher are working on new projects for digital games. For 20 years in the game industry, he has achieved considerable heights.

There is no any news about his relationship and dating. He likes to keep his personal life to himself and stays away from the media as far as possible. So he is not much popular in social networking sites due to his low profile and his biography has a very limited information in the popular sites. Besides that, he has a page about him on Wiki. James is a very down to earth man and has avoided controversies because of this reason. The short information about him can be found on Twitter. There is no information about his net worth.