Born on the ninth of June in 1989, Logan Browning is a famous young actress. She is also a songwriter. Measuring just a bit over 5 feet this young woman is full of talent and quick wit. She used to be a professional dancer as well. Her rise to fame was due to her role in the 2007 movie, Bratz: The Movie.

Personal life

Logan Browning was born Logan Laurice Browning, Laurice after her grandmother's maiden name. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Larry Browning and Lynda Browning. Both of her parents were working people! She didn't come from a wealthy background and made it on her own. She is their only child.

From a very young age, Logan had developed an interest for dancing. She got a lot of opportunities as she was interested in dancing which actually helped her build her career. She attended the Barbizon Modelling and Acting School in Atlanta. She passed out from the school in 2003. She then went on to attend Fayette County School in Fayetteville, Georgia. After graduating from high school, she attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Logan Browning has played many roles in both TV shows as well as in movies. Her career started off as a character named Carrie in The WBs original teen series Summerland. She started off her acting career through dancing and she did a few dance related roles in movies and shows and established herself as an actress. In 2005-2006, she portrayed the role of Vanessa in the Nickelodeon series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

In 2007, Logan Browning for her big break when she was cast as one of the main characters, Sasha, in the live action theatrical film Bratz: The Movie. The movie was based on the then popular fashion doll and cartoon line of the same name, Bratz. Another one of her big roles was when she played the character, Brianna Ortiz in the popular TV show Meet The Browns.

She joined the show in its second season. The music video of the Dijon Taton’s song “Wild Out” stars he as the main love interest. She also has played a number of roles in many popular TV shows like Pair of Kings, The Secret Circle, Hit the floor, Powers, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and also guest starred in Survivor’s Remorse. She has appeared in other music videos as well like Prima J’s “Rockstar” and B5’s “U got Me”.

In 2012, in April, she took up the role of Jelena Howard in the VH1 original dance Hit the Floor. She had dance training before but as she started acting before she could go professional, she had to do rigorous 8 month training, for this role. Regarding her dating life, very little is known. It was known that around 2010 she was dating Tyga but they have broken up. With all her success, at only 28 years of age, she has acquired a net worth of one million dollars. She is quite active on social network as well and can be followed on twitter and Instagram.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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