Andrea Thompson was born on the 22nd of May in 1959, in Dayton, Ohio. She is a famous personality popular mainly due to her roles in numerous TV shows and also because of her journalism. She also appears on TV talk shows.

Personal life

Andrea Thompson was born Andrea Rebecca Thompson to a strict catholic household in Dayton, Ohio. She has three siblings. In 1966, when Andrea was just seven years old her family moved to Australia. She stayed there for a while. She attended high school in Australia but she didn't graduate from it. She dropped out when she was sixteen. Then she travelled the world for five years and finally came and settled in New York City. There she began a career in acting and modelling.

She joined the Strasberg Studio and also the Herbert Berghof Studio where she studied under Uta Thyra Hagen, a famous German actress and theatre practitioner. Regarding her family life, Thompson enjoys a good amicable relationship with her siblings. In 1987, she married David Guc, but their marriage didn't last and the two decided to go for a divorce in 1990. Later in 1995, she tried to settle down with her Babylon 5 costar Jerry Doyle. But unfortunately that wasn't meant to be and again Andrea opted for a divorce and the two separated in 1997. She has a son who she named Alec. He was born in 1992.


Thompson’s career began as a voiceover artist, a profession that continues till date. She got her first ‘decent’ role in the 1987 film, Wall Street. In 1989, she got a role in the American prime time soap opera, Falcon Crest. The show went on for nine seasons from 1981 to 1990. Thompson came into the show during the ninth season. She also had a short role in the TV show Quantum Leap in one of the episodes of the show's third season.

She played Nurse Helen Caldwell, a character in the 1991 comedy film Delirious. One of her more famous roles was when she took up the role of Talia Winters, a telepath, in the popular TV show Babylon 5. She joined the cast of the show in 1993 but quit after the show's second season. She played a role in Judge Advocate General, a NBC TV show.

She and many of her co-stars left the show when it was cancelled before being picked up by CBS Network. Her most famous role was that of Detective Jill Kirkendall in the famous crime drama show NYPD Blue. She played a role in it for four seasons. She left the show in April, 2000.

Then she started her career, as a journalist. She had already made preparations for being a journalist, since 1999. She got her GEDs and trained under a popular veteran journalist. She was quite good at journalism as in 2001, after just one year in the line, she was chosen to be the anchor for the Evening Headlines by CNN. However, she left her job, in 2003. Later, she stated that her leave was because she did not like the network's way of handling news.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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