Personal Life

Ian Bohen’s biography states that he was born on 24th September in the year 1976. He is popularly known as a well known American, who is into a profession of acting.  His most prominent role in his acting career was the role of Peter Hale in the recurring slot of the drama series named ‘Teen Wolf’, which was featured in the television channel, MTV. He is well known both as a director as well as an actor. Ian was born in Carmel, in California.

His acting career in the films took its flight in the year 1993. He was also a noted as a noteworthy character in the character named Roy Hazelitt in which too he performed recurring set of appearances in the drama series popularly known as ‘Mad Men’, which was featured in the channel called AMC.

Bohen’s debut performance was marked at a conservatory project of AFI, named as” Delivering”, which was directed by Todd Field. He also shared screen with his other co-performers in a film which was nominated for the Oscar Awards in the year of 1994. The name of that film was “Wyatt Earp”. This famous actor has been dating a lot of women. His net worth was $600000.


His movies and TV shows were a hit for the audiences of the trending generation. At the peak of his career, he has a great number of followers on the social networking sites such as instagram as well as Snapchat. In the acting career of Ian Bohen, he appeared in a number of television series, short films, cameo appearances, feature films, and also in the post production formal dealings. The short film called “Delivering” had released in 1993, where he was featured on screen in the role of Jimmy Wakefield.

“Interpretation” which released in 2008 was another short film in which he took a part performing in the character of Dan. In 2011, another short film named as “Fanboy” of his was released on screen where he played the role of Craft Maitre D’. He appeared the production of the film “Soldado”, in 2017. The event was organized post the production of the film.

Some of the feature films in which he got the opportunity to show his acting skills in from of his audiences were namely, “Monster Mash” in the year 1995, “Wyatt Earp” in the year 1994, “Hometown Legend” in 2002, “Special” in 2006, the film called “Marigold” in 2007, “Irreversi” in 2010, “Vile” in 2011, “5 Souls” in 2013 and “Wind River”, in 2017.

His cameo appearances were in “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012 in the character of a cop appearing with Gordon and remarkably in the film called Pearl Harbor” that released in 2001. He acted the role of a skilled operator of the radar systems. Some of his TV shows were, “Weird Science”, “Walker”, “ Dr. Quinn”, “Picket Fences” ,”Her Last Chance”. He also directed 2 short films called “Morning Love” in 2011 and “The Tow” in 2016.