Gina Guangco

Gina Guangco's date birth is not well known but people agree that it is around 60 years ago. She was born in the city of Manila of Philippines and her ethnicity is Filipino. She grew up in Philippines together with her mother and her father. There is no information about how many siblings she had. Gina Guangco was born in the musician family but she had never been dragged in this profession. She had different jobs in the offices.

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When she came in America, she lived in Oregon and afterwards, she moved to live in Southern California. Since she is a mother, she also supports her daughters, Vanessa and Stella Hudgens in the acting career. Gina Guangco is married to Hudgens but if she dated other men in the past, it is not clear.

According to her biography, Gina Guangco had an affair with Greg Hudgens before they decided to get married. The marriage took place in the church and family members and friends attended their wedding. Her husband is a firefighter. She likes to attend the events like movie premiers and fashion events with her superstar daughter.

Gina Guangco has brown eyes with black hair. She has risen to the celebrity level from her daughter. She has many followers on the social media and her fans and well wishers follow her there. Even if she is a celebrity, she does not have updated about her salary and her net worth. Fans can follow what she does in her personal life on her social media like Instagram, twitter and Facebook. She likes to post photos with status updated on regular basis.

When it comes to her career, Gina Guangco is not the celebrity by herself but her children are celebrity since they are both actress. Her husband Greg Hudgens died because of cancer in the year 2016.

Her income or net worth has not been disclosed yet. Her daughter Vanessa net worth is estimated to be 14 million dollars and she had performed in different movies and TV shows. Vanessa was born in the year 1988 and afterwards she became a superstar. She is a singer and actress and she has a bright future before her. She became well known when she played Gabriella Montez in a High school musical series. She also did appear in many TV series and numerous films of Disney channel.

Gina is always near her child and everything about her is included Vanessa Instagram and on other social media pages. Her sister Stella was born in the year 1995 and she started to act as a child actress and now she is becoming a young actress now. She never stopped to act from the time she started. She has been in different short movies and TV shows. Gina Guangco has a brother who still lives in Mabahin, in Cortes Surigao Del Sur found in Philippines.

31 Dec, 2017