Evelyn Knight

Evelyn Knight was also known as Evelyn Davis was born on 31st December 1917. Her birth sign is Capricorn. She was born in Reedville, Virginia. She began her career in local radio. She was a renowned singer of the 1940's and 50's. Paul Whiteman, was her singing teacher. She was married when she was 18 to Andrew B Knight, a photographer, and so she was professionally known as Evelyn Knight but sadly got divorced.

She had a son with Knight named Andrew Knight Jr, who passed away in 1989. Then she married Johnny Lehmann, a songwriter, who passed away in 2000. She used to sing in choirs in church. She used to sing in night clubs when she was young. She is blonde and magnificent, 5'11 in heels. Initially she appeared in nightclubs at Washington as Honey Davis at the age of 16. Evelyn passed away of lung cancer on 28th September 2007 in California, USA. She was 89 years when she passed away.


Knight's voice is tender and effortless and is as easy to listen as she is to watch. She became the local tradition in Washington D.C, dazzling and well-proportioned! She used to entertain with her voice in the King Cole Room in Washington for five years. She kick-started her career with singing at Washington DC's station WRC as Honey Davis for $16 a broadcast. She also sang in The Claridge Hotel. She had a versatile and witty voice best suited to torchy lyrics.

She had 13 recordings that fashioned the top 40. Her amazing debut singles Dance with Dolly, Chickery Chick. She made appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. in 1947. She was a part of the Tony Martin Show as the female vocalist. She co-starred with Gordon Macrae on Star Theatre on CBS. She appeared in Barry Wood's Million Dollar Band Program. She was quite frequent on the Lanny Ross Show. She was a daily on Club Fifteen, Happy Island. Her duet with singer Red Foley in 1951 in a song called My Heart Cries for You was popular enough.

She was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as one of the originals. She was a popular American singer with two hits - A Little Bird Told Me, which sold more than two million copies in 1949 and Powder Your Face with Sunshine. Her song A Little Bird Told Me was featured in the video game named L.A. Noir (2011). She appeared in the series All Star Revue (1950).

She came forth in The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950). Her hits include - Buttons and Bows, My Heart Cries For You, The Stardusters and many more. Knight's classic songs - Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes, 'Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me', The Lass with the Delicate Air, Beautiful Brown Eyes, Snowflakes, One Sunday Afternoon, A Wonderful Guy, Be Goody Good Good to me, On an Ordinary Morning. Her genre is easy listening. She retired from show business in her 30's to never return back.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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