Danny Manning

Danny Ricardo Manning is an American Basketball coach and a retired National Basketball Association player.

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Personal Life

Danny Ricardo Manning was born on May 17th 1966, his father is Ed Manning who was also a longtime ABA player and NBA player as well and as a college coach. It was in North Carolina that he studied in Greensboro in Page High School. His average point is 18.8 with a rebound of 9 per game. Once, he led his team to the state title, at which he was currently in the Pirates with a 26-0 record.

At the University of Kansas, His father Ed Manning was a coach as an assistant. In Lawrence, Kansas Danny and his family moved there when he was still in his senior year. He was renowned in his new school as he was even named Kansas player of the year in a school called Lawrence High School. Alongside the future federal Judge of the United States, Danny played with him on his side when he attended Lawrence High School. In 1990, he married Julie Manning and till now their relationship is still in full bloom. They have two children named Evan Manning and Taylor Manning. He has a very great height of 6 feet 10 inches which is not a surprise as he is a famous basketball player.


Danny began his career when he was still in his senior year as he led his team the Jayhawks to have an NCAA title in 1988. In Kansas’s 83-79 victory over Oklahoma in 1988 NCAA final, his records were around 31 points, 5 steals, he blocked two shots and 18 rebounds. Manning was chosen in 1988 to be in the USA National Basketball team in the amateur team and them also in South Korea where the summer Olympics was held there in Seoul. The team was disappointed and they were more favoured to win the gold medal but instead, won the bronze medal but they lost in a semifinal game against the Soviet Union. Manning considered the event as one of his most disappointments in his life, he did not score any point at the game and was ashamed.

In 1988, Danny was chosen as to be one of the drafts by LA Clippers for the NBA. In the league, he spent fifteen seasons during his time in the NBA career he scored over 12000 points with an average of fourteen points in every game. Even as a rookie, he played around twenty-six games during his participation in the team, but he left because of a required knee surgery.

In 1989 he returned to the game for another season of 1989-90. Manning was chosen to participate in the All-Star Game after His season of 1992-93, in which his average score was around 22.8 when he played for the Clippers was considered one of his most productive game in the NBA season. In exchange for Dominique Wilkins, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks and also as a first-round draft pick on February 24, 1994.

1996 saw Manning go through two knee surgeries. His career as a player came to an end on 2000 and his first coaching career was from April 4, 2012, as Tulsa’s Head Coach. Danny Manning’s net worth in 2017-2018 was estimated around $20 million.

15 Mar, 2018