Daniel Pearson

Personal life

Daniel Pearson was born on 29th July 1982. The Guitar driven Pearson is a popular musician in the UK. He is a well known British songwriter. He is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 72kgs. He is aged 34 years. He was born to Kam Talbert and Kevin Teasley. He has an official web site. He is passionate with Guitars and bass guitars. He was always attracted to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, when he was a teenager.

He and his band during college time, used to perform at University festivals and were the talk of the local media. Pearson is the lead vocalist and the guitarist to The Signs (band). The Signs, signed a contract with Leeds and was out with Something to Believe (2007). The band came to an end in 2008. He used to release his recordings on Myspace after the band got split.


The list to Pearson's songs is unending - I Still Believe, As Deep as Love, Come Back Around, All is Not Lost, Promises and many more to his music career. He released an album JUNK in 2008. He then released an album named Satellite in the year 2011. An album released in the year 2013 as Mercury State. Last album released in 2015 as Alone, Together. The Guitar-driven Pearson's notable genres include, Country rock, Fuzz rock, garage blues and acoustic ballads.

He has also performed punk bands before. He has a flair for melodies which he synthesizes with his poignant voice. His music is listed for performance in the UK, USA, and Australia. His songs airs on BBC radio 2, BBC 6 music, BBC introducing, amazing radio, FBI radio and many more. His songs are soundtracked on popular tv shows in the UK and is available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple music streams. The folkish sound Pearson tours USA and UK, and his audiences love him.

His music is a success in the social media. He aspires to tour with Dr. Springsteen. His guilty pleasure would be Bon Jovi. He has an incredible and still increasing fan base. The multi-tasker Pearson has his own record label named as Saint in the City and is also into video productions. He also provides with PR services. He has an efficient digital distributor as Tunecore, which makes releasing music into iTunes, Amazon and EMusic all around the globe in a simpler way. He shares as to how skillfully and tactfully he does his video editings. He believes if you get editing right, all the other things fall into place. He has a good Net worth of around $40 million.

Daniel's Timeline

@daniel_pearson on Twitter with 96,672 followers. You can hear his music on @spotify @itune @applemusic. Follow him on Twitter to know more!

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You can hear his songs on the Soundcloud app as well. He has a Spotify profile too, where you can get access to his songs.